Scotland battered by storm, Met Office issues 'Red Alert"

Just letting you know that Scotland today is facing the fiercest winter storm in memory. The winds are expected to reach or exceed 80 miles per hour with stronger gusts. Wind and water will be the two main issues, and the Met Office has put out a red alert, the strongest weather warning in that country. They are expecting the possibility of structural damage and are warning people not to travel. Schools are closing. Double decker buses withdrawn. Bridges closing.

Scotland Weather: "Intense low pressure area will pass just to the north of Scotland today, with an active cold front surging south-eastwards. The storm has undergone explosive cyclogenesis, and there is evidence of a sting jet on satellite imagery. This may move into portions of Scotland today. Intense lifting where the dry slot is intersecting the front over western Scotland has allowed a few thunderstorms to develop. A few tornadoes and strong wind gusts are expected to accompany the front as it moves south-eastwards. In addition, across Scotland, very high wind gusts are expected in association with both the front and the intense wind field associated with the low. Gusts may reach 100mph in association with the sting jet."

"Cyclogenesis is the development or strengthening of cyclonic circulation in the atmosphere (a low pressure area). Cyclogenesis is an umbrella term for several different processes, all of which result in the development of some sort of cyclone."

A sting jet is a meteorological phenomenon which is believed to be the cause of the most damaging winds in European windstorms.

BBC Storm Center
--BREAKING NEWS Dumfries and Galloway Police; Central Scotland Police; Lothian and Borders Police and Strathclyde Police have all now said DO NOT travel.
--@BBCScotWeather: 91 mph gust recorded in Tiree.
--Red alert from Meteorological Office, the strongest weather warning
--Scotland is facing a winter storm with winds reaching in excess of 80mph in central and southern parts of the country.
--The Scottish government's resilience committee is told key routes are likely to be closed and motorists have been be advised not to travel.
--Ministers have advised that schools across west, central and southern Scotland should either not open or close early.
--The Met Office has said there would be significant risk of structural damage.
--Ministers have advised that schools across west, central and southern Scotland should either not open or close early.
--Most schools in East Scotland closing today
--Glasgow Life - which runs the cities museums, galleries, libraries and sports facilities - says all venues are closing to the public and staff are being sent home.