Word of the Week: Omniscience

Sobering news today, and sobering future ahead

Here are a few random news nuggets that belie the danger to the lost and nearness of the time of Jesus' judgments.

Of all the nations that recently endured an era of devastating hyperinflation, Zimbabwe is that nation. For a picture of what hyperinflation actually does to a nation, read this from Wikipedia, "Inflation rose from an annual rate of 32% in 1998, to an official estimated high of 11,200,000% in August 2008 according to the country's Central Statistical Office. This represented a state of hyperinflation, and the central bank introduced a new 100 billion dollar note. As of November 2008, unofficial figures put Zimbabwe's annual inflation rate at 516 quintillion per cent, with prices doubling every 1.3 days."

In other words, they should know the signs of hyperinflation. They now see it happening in America, and they warn to get out of the Dollar standard and switch to the Chinese yuan for the reserve currency. This is from CNBC:

Zimbabwe Bashes Bernanke—On Inflation!
"The central banker of the country most famous for hyperinflation, Zimbabwe, is warning that the US may be on the wrong path and urging his country to adopt the Chinese yuan as its currency. Gono says Zimbabwe should in fact be looking to the Chinese yuan as its main currency, while urgently seeking to restore its own currency which was abandoned in 2009 after a dramatic loss of its value."

BBC: Katla volcanic eruption imminent, could have global impact
"Hundreds of metres under one of Iceland's largest glaciers there are signs of a looming volcanic eruption that could be one of the most powerful the country has seen in almost a century. Mighty Katla, with its 10km (6.2 mile) crater, has the potential to cause catastrophic flooding as it melts the frozen surface of its caldera and sends billions of gallons of water surging through Iceland's east coast and into the Atlantic Ocean. "There has been a great deal of seismic activity," says Ford Cochran, the National Geographic's expert on Iceland."

Epic windstorm batters west, third of a million without power
"Hurricane force winds, some topping 100mph snarls traffic, downs trees, wreaks havoc. See this video of a huge pine tree downed by the wind.

Iranian and North Korean rocket experts hold Damascus meetings
"Dozens of officials from North Korea and Iran have conducted meetings with representatives of the Syrian government in Damascus to help president Bashar al-Assad obtain weapons following the implementation of sanctions by members of the Arab League and other countries."

So now that the Arab League has sanctioned Syria, other rogue states will help Syria get weapons of mass destruction. Not good.

Ultraconservative Islamists make gains in Egypt
"Egypt's ultraconservative Islamist party said Friday it plans to push for a stricter religious code in Egypt after claiming surprisingly strong gains in this week's initial round of voting for parliament, the first elections since Hosni Mubarak's ouster."

Ultraconservative and Islam ... also not a good combination.

From the natural disasters happening, to the economic failures, to the military buildup, it is all coming together. Two gentlemen write piercingly heartfelt essays this week, of which I'd like to share some excerpts. They said it all so well:

Ron Graham
"What mankind is witnessing today is only the “birth pangs” associated with the nearness of Christ’s return; certainly we’re not feeling the full on effects of what Jesus tells us is coming in the last days. Jesus’ return is close, and every Christian should reel with anticipation and excitement every time something out of the ordinary or unexplainable happens. But today’s Christians seem to be apathetic concerning the coming of their Lord; a lull between events allows apathy to creep into the Christian’s life lessening the anticipation of future events. Although many may read about the catastrophic occurrences around the world which have led to mass amounts of human death and suffering, there seems to be a sort of disconnect as people simply dismiss any possibility of such devastation occurring near them, or in their lifetime. Today most followers of Jesus Christ are unaware of the unimaginable magnitude of catastrophic events that are coming. Jesus warns the last remaining generation prior to His return that they will be overwhelmed by three specific ever recurring events, which are earthquakes, pestilence, and famines. Interestingly we’re all witnesses to the fact that all three are increasing in frequency and intensity just like birth pangs."

John McTernan
"I have been warning for a long time for believers to be serious with God because huge trials were coming that were going to test our faith. It now appears that two huge trials are converging at the same time. The European economic meltdown along with war in the Middle East which are going to shake the entire world. Both converging at the same time are like a 10.0 earthquake. The effect is going to be enormous. The European Union meltdown is now heading into high gear as all the warning signs are now flashing of an imminent meltdown. There is not enough money in the world to bail out Europe along with all the debt that the US is creating. The debt monster is now loose and out of control. The collapse of Europe will send the world economy into uncharted waters. Look what happened in the Fall of 2008 when Lehman Brothers collapsed. Just imagine what is going to happen with the Euro along with multiple European nations collapse!

"There are all sorts of unconfirmed reports that Israeli Jericho missiles are being moved into firing positions in the West Bank. The Jericho is Israel's long range missile which can reach Iran. This missile can be armed with nuclear weapons. [There are also unconfirmed reports that China is moving missiles into position, also.) Syria is degenerating in chaos and Assad said he will attack Israel if war breaks out. Israel said it will totally destroy Syria in the next war, so Syria can never again attack Israel! Lebanon said its army will back Hezbollah and Israel said it will destroy Lebanon in the next war! All the elements are now coming together for the all-out war that is described in Psalm 83, Obadiah and Isaiah 17."

"How much longer can this war be held back? If it does not start by the end of this year, can an entire year go by without it starting? I doubt it. It appears that the time has now arrived for the war that will start the direct countdown to all the end-time prophecy, the Day of the LORD and battle of Armageddon which will usher in the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ with His church! All the warning signs are now flashing. The sirens are blasting full power that God's judgments on this world are about to begin as time is running out."


  1. wow - Elizabeth, your articles have blessed me tremendously and i must say this is very sobering news indeed! I pray that as the birth pangs begin to increase I (and other Christians) will draw closer to God, burn with passion and love for Him, and not become lukewarm as the test and trials come our way. It can be so easy to get distracted by all of the temporal and meaningless things of the world. Thank you for your posts!

  2. Hi Elizabeth - I live in Central CA and those winds were like nothing I've ever seen. They caused major damage and knocked down huge trees all over my town. My house was without power for 30 hours. Being without electricity for that long really makes you think about what would be needed for an extended period of time. I think God was giving me a 'test run' to give me time to get prepared.

  3. Yikes! I hope all is OK now with minimal damage. Everyone wonders how bad it will get before we are taken out. Like, when is the tipping point between warnings and judgments? Will we experience war on our soil? Will we have to endure living with the effects of an EMP? Will we be scrambling for food? But no matter, He will provide for the faithful, no matter how things get.

  4. For me, anything to do with Syria is what really catches my eye but there's so much else happening...it's just overwhelming.

    I honestly do see why some people would rather live in denial because if you have no true hope or if you are a christian not ready to give up a life full of worldly pursuits for Christ, it is just easier to live in denial. It is noone's fault or decision but theirs though. I admit I still get distracted by things of the world but The Holy Spirit wakes me up and reminds me He is forever important and worthwhile. It's something I continually pray to The Lord to help me with.

    Anyway, thanks for these summary posts. They get worse and worse everytime but show us the horrible reality we are living in and heading towards. I'm so ready to see Jesus but it is extremely sobering to think of what is ahead for this planet and for humanity.

  5. I enjoy your work also! Jesus is coming soon!

  6. I'm a single older mom of an almost 4-yr-old. I am unfortunately unemployed, house is in foreclosure, my daughter's father is incarcerated, and the list goes on and on, but the good news is I am back in the right path with the Lord and being there is peace beyond compare...even with these struggles. If things get too much worse in this world scenario, it will be scary, but we will have to totally trust Him and depend on Him and He is faithful, that is sure. When me and my little one pray before our meals she says "JESUS!, Thank you for our food...we love you and can't wait to come to heaven...we miss you and love you, Amen?,Amen!" She is such a doll. Can't wait until we are all there enjoying His complete presence and each other. God bless you Elizabeth, your work is not in vain. Love, a sister in the Lord. Amen!

  7. Its so disheartening to know what's coming and be scoffed at by loved ones and friends as you try to point back to Christ. My heart does swell when I think of the coming of Christ but it also deeply grieves me to know that so many of my family and friends will have to endure the tribulation.

    With every headline concerning Israel or a new earthquake, I feel a quickening of pace to share what the scriptures say, but the world is so cold to it even in light of what is happening all around us.

    Please continue to pray for the lost, now more than ever.


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