Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to Become a Legalist

From Pastor Voddie Baucham's sermon "Zeal Without Knowledge." (Part of a series on Romans 6-11, this sermon covers Romans 10).


  1. Quite ironic, considering Baucham is "big man on campus" with the Patriarchy movement - one of the most legalistic movements going.

  2. For anyone wanting to read about the Patriarchy Movement where it is explained in reasonable terms, they can go here

    "What are the Quiverfull and Patriarchy movements?"

    In part, the essay states,

    "The desire to protect their families from the influences of a godless world drives them to search the Bible for alternatives. In general, these movements emphasize the leadership of the husband/father, the blessing of children to a family, and the education of children in a Christian worldview."

    "The Patriarchy movement encompasses the beliefs of both Quiverfull and homeschoolers and emphasizes the headship of the father, or patriarch, in a family. As in any unregulated movement, there are different interpretations of their beliefs."

    "As in anything man attempts, there is room for abuse in the Patriarchy Movement. In their zeal to live lives that please God, some rely on man-made rules and standards. This lifestyle can be particularly oppressive for daughters. Being protected and educated under the leadership of a loving, Christian father is wonderful. Receiving training to be able to meet the demands of caring for a family and household will go far in preparing them for the families they may have some day."

    The essay lists the beliefs, the plusses and the minuses of the movement.

    Here is a link to a John MacArthur essay on "The Submissive Wife" which is part of a series on "The Fulfilled Family".

    I like Voddie Baucham and I enjoy his expository preaching. I believe it to be solid.

  3. I have yet to see anything of the patriarchy movement which wasn't an extreme version of what Scripture actually says.

    I have heard some of Baucham's stuff and find it quite good until he gets into the legalism of the movement. I have had too much experience with this movement to do anything but condemn it.

  4. The more i research the "Christian" patriarchy movement, the weirder it gets. Would not be at all surprised if these (punk-donkey) "patriarchs" routinely IGNORE vast amounts of Scripture - and instead, stick to their seriously twisted, but agenda-friendly top 40-ish list.


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