Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"The Last Day" Fictional docu-film depicting future attack on Israel by Iran

I re-read Ezekiel 38 and 39 today. I read it carefully, looking up Hebrew words and phrases, and re-read it again. Those chapters are not long, and they are very much worth reading. Then I thought about what I read for a long time. Finally, I prayed.

Ezekiel 38-39 are well-known to prophecy students as the verses depicting the last days battle known as the Gog Magog battle. This is a battle prophesied to occur at the last days, at a time when Israel is back in the land and at peace, thinking herself secure, therefore not suspecting the attack. Israel will have been in the land long enough to be prosperous enough to attract the greedy and covetous eye of the coalition. It is prophesied to be the vehicle through which God chooses to renew His covenant with Israel, showing Himself holy to them. It is the vehicle through which he shows Himself to the world all His might and His power. (verses throughout chapters 38-39).

It is interpreted that this battle between Iran, Turkey, Russia, Ethiopia, Libya, Armenia etc, and God takes place at the outset of the Tribulation. This is thought because at the beginning it states that God renews His special relationship with Israel, opening their hears and eyes and pouring His spirit on them. (Ez 39:29). We know that will not occur until the full number of the Gentiles comes in (Romans 11:25). Secondly the description regarding the use the Israelites make of the downed planes and tanks of burning the fuel for 7 years, means that there must still be 7 years left in the time before the millennium to burn it. (Ez 39:9). In the Millennium,  the earth will not need artificial fuel because the glory of God and the Lamb lights up earth. (Revelation 21:23)

There is a wide range of interesting verses in those two chapters which I suggest reading over again, slowly. But I want to focus on the verses that show repeatedly that the attack is a surprise. Israel is feeling secure, for the first time ever. Why? People believe that Isaiah 17:1 has been fulfilled, Damascus destroyed and Syria no longer a threat. And it is believed that Psalm 83 battle has been fulfilled, and Israel occupies all her covenant lands promised to her in Genesis 15:18. So Israel has expanded, feeling secure, and there are no gates, no walls, no bars. Then, BLAM! Attacked.

The number of attacking armies is like a cloud covering the land (Ez 38:9). There are a lot of them and it is supposed that unless God had personally intervened, Israel would have lost the attack and be obliterated from the world.

Now, these are things we think about from the pages of the bible. It is hard to imagine the fear and the chaos of such a moment, though. What would it be like for Israelites, finally able to relax their guard from day to day, suddenly enduring a devastating surprise attack from a strong coalition of armies?

Well, this Israeli filmmaker Ronen Barany did just that. It is a fictionalized account called "The Last Day" and it supposes that in February 2013, just such an attack will occur. It is a mock documentary. It is not real, but it could be and it will be.

There is no indication that this mock film was made with Gog Magog in mind. Not at all. But watching it, I could not help but think of the fear of the people on the ground when that 'last day' of the church age does occur, and Israel is on the verge of being wiped out. (Until God intervenes, that is!). Here is the film's tagline: "In February 2013 the Republic of Iran opened a combo attack culminating in the dropping nuclear bombs on Israeli territory and the environment. This is one of many records that survived from that day that changed the world."



  1. Child of God has left a new comment

    Wow! That clip is intense! It sure brings the reality of the pending situation to light.

    We really need to focus in on prayer for Israel that these people will come to Jesus and soon.


  2. Hi Child of God,

    Sorry, the comments sometimes disappear when I try to publish them from my email, a new thing from Google that doesn't have all the bugs worked out. So I copied and pasted what you commented.

    Yes, isn't it intense!! It's one thing to think about the battle, another to read it from the bible, but quite a shock to see such a thing in living color.

  3. Oh, Google acting up again. :s

    My heart was pounding while watching that clip, I was almost crying with the intensity of it, especially when the little boy's eyes were hurt.


  4. Yes! And when the young woman asked "Where is our army?" I thought if the fear and confusion of the Israeli people on that Day when their army will be impotent against the coming horde... Until God shows Himself, they will for those moments feel completely alone in the world. How scary for them!

  5. Oh my goodness Elizabeth!!! The meteor!!! I am so overwhelmed by the signs of the end right now! I mean, people need to realize that this was NOTHING compared to what will fall to earth during the tribulation. but even reading the comments of the witnesses really shook me up.

  6. Hello Anonymous,

    Thank you for the link. I made a new blog entry about it. Apparently it was quite the spectacle for hundreds of miles!

    He is faithful and He is near. Though me may experience trials as a normal part of life until we depart, He will rescue His bride from the coming wrath (1 Thessalonians 1:10).


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