Saturday, February 18, 2012

NUKEMAP: Nuking your house online

I don't know why Alex Wellerstein created NUKEMAP, but he did.

Nuking my house online
"Wellerstein works at the American Institute of Physics in College Park, Maryland. After hours, he is a mad bomber — but a careful, data-driven, history-minded mad bomber. His newest creation, which I found on his blog, is called NUKEMAP. It allows you to choose a city, any city (I chose the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where I live), an atomic or hydrogen bomb of any size (whatever kiloton level you like, or you can pick from a list of historically specific bombs). On the screen, you'll find a Google map of your chosen neighborhood with your bomb, represented by a little bomb-shaped icon, ticking at its center. You can then take your cursor, move the bomb to the exact location you want (when you move it, it casts a dangerous looking x on the "ground" below). When you reach your designated ground zero (I chose my apartment building), you are ready for the next step. You hit "detonate." The explosion creates a series of concentric circles, color-coded to show the zone where everything is incinerated, the space where most things get emulsified or crushed, the space where radiation is lethal, the space where people are poisoned by radiation, the space where they are badly burned — concentric circles of destruction. The effects are chilling and fascinating. When I tried out some of the more powerful bombs, I was stunned by their destructive power. I had no idea."

I tried it. I plugged in the data for nuking Damascus, just to see how far the damage would go... You can try it here. It is very easy.

Click on the map to enlarge--

Sadly, it seems to me that all this will soon be a real event and not just an online novelty...


  1. You are so nice, you saw what damage would be done to Damascus. Genuine selfless concern.

    I on the other hand, read half the article and then decided I needed to see what would happen to ME if LA was nuked! (conviction).

    At least I feel better that unless Russia drops it biggest bombs on LA, I will not be in the big yellow circle of radiation.

    On another note, what you said about Damascus is very important. It is a terrifying time we are living in.

  2. Anonymous, your sarcasm and your assumptions are not welcome. Nor are they necessary. I first nuked my house, my nearest city, my family's cities, and several other cities, including US military targets and also Tel Aviv. I studied the fallout maps and read all the fine print. All you had to do is ask me first before choosing to be snide. If you would like to engage in an honest discussion I would welcome that.

  3. I clicked on the link, but I can't bring myself to do it. It gives me a great deal of anxiety just thinking about this scenario, because you're 100% right in saying "this will soon be a real event and not just an online novelty..."

    What's even scarier is that so many people are living in blissful ignorance, as if we AREN'T living in this age. Regardless of whether you believe in Biblical end times prophesy, you must see that our world is turbulent and these "what if" scenarios are more realistic and relevant than ever before.

    All we can do is keep on praying!

  4. I agree Lydia, prayer, faith, and looking up are the ways to stay stable and sane. What I think is interesting is the recent focus on nuclear weapons. I am 51 years old. Nukes were a huge topic and a cause for concern during the cold war of the 60s-80s, but after that they faded away. Now all of a sudden they are back, and even more astoundingly, Russia and Iran have said recently that they will use them, breaking a rhetoric taboo regarding talks of first use.

  5. Yeah, I feel gross looking at that and I can't imagine anyone, especially you just looking at it for giggles.

    I pray it's not a nuke because Syrians have suffered so much these past few months. It makes me also think of the senseless killings going on in Sudan, Congo and Nigeria all because of sin and hatred in the heart of man.

    I really do see why it's called the "burden" of Damascus. Everything will change once the unspeakable occurs.

  6. Elizabeth, I apologize.

    I promise I wasn't making a snide comment. But it must have come off that way. Sorry. Sometimes the computer messes up our best intentions, because it fails to convey our tone of voice and facial expressions.

    It was a compliment to you. And criticism to me. I was criticizing my initial concern for "me first" -- failing to see the big issue that the people in Syria are probably in much more danger than I am.

    But I apologize for any assumptions or sarcasm that came across. I didn't mean any offense.

    Love ya.

  7. I apologize too! I am sorry for making my own assumption and jumping on you. Please accept my apology.

    I know that Damascus will be destroyed to the degree that it will be leveled, ruined, obliterated (Isaiah 17:1), and recently I looked up the population. It is about 6 million. Six million people in such grave danger...and most of them not saved. It just kills me. But it must be so, Jesus is dealing with sin. Doesn't make it any easier to watch. That is why I pray so fervently for the rapture. Whether or not we see what is going on during the Tribulation, we will have the pure, holy and eternal perspective to be able to see clearly instead of dimly- and be able to handle it. I can barely handle it here on earth as things stand now. And they are getting worse. Come soon, Lord Jesus.

  8. ELizabeth,
    Do you have a pre & post rapture (tribulation) timeline with bible verses and such somewhere on this site. You have so many blog entries I don't know where to start looking.

    If you don't have a timeline do you know of a trustworthy site that does? I looked on Rapture Ready, but I'm overwhelmed by the amount of info there too.

  9. Hi Lydia,

    Sure do. Look to the left. There is a box called "Tribulation Chronology". Click the word "Here".

    If that is not what you want then just let me know what you need and I'll research it and write it.


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