Clintonville booms are back, and exploding tiles at Watertown. "It was like 'Tremors' "

Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith put on his blog, Letter of Marque, the following, and titled it "Satan the Deceitful Copycat":

Pope Pius XII being carried to his throne in the Vatican.

Pharaoh being carried to his throne.

Amazing, isn't it? Rosebrough's blog entry is accompanied by excerpts from a 500 year old document titled "A Treatise on the Power and Primacy of the Pope, Treatise Compiled by the Theologians Assembled at Smalcald - 1537" originally posted on the blog The Book of Concord. The treatise was compiled by Martin Luther as a rejection of the primacy of the Pope as vicar of Christ. Vicar means substitute, you know, defined as "anyone acting in the person of" as agent. The claims of the Pope were outlined at the beginning of the treatise and then the Lutheran confession was a biblical rejection of those claims and others dealt with in writing at Smalcald. See what the pope believes of himself:

"The Roman Pontiff claims for himself [in the first place] that
1] by divine right he is [supreme] above all bishops and pastors [in all Christendom].
2] Secondly, he adds also that by divine right he has both swords, i.e., the authority also of bestowing kingdoms [enthroning and deposing kings, regulating secular dominions etc.].
3] And thirdly, he says that to believe this is necessary for salvation. And for these reasons the Roman bishop calls himself [and boasts that he is] the vicar of Christ on earth."

I hope you reject those notions, too. Satan IS such a deceitful copycat.

In other topics, on March 19 on the blog I'd posted an essay exploring the weird booms plaguing a Wisconsin town. Its title is a direct copy of the same title the news articles used, "Something's rattling WI town". Weird booms had been variously upsetting, intriguing, or aggravating the people living there. That article on March 19 was posted a week after I'd posted a previous essay exploring the weird booms that are being heard all over the world, and I'd discussed the biblical foundation for spiritual warfare. Ultimately, I'd related the noises to possible spiritual warfare and asked the question 'Is spiritual warfare ramping up?'

After the mainstream media became entranced with the Wisconsin booms story the USGS intimated they were going to set seismometers around and see if it was an earthquake swarm that was causing the booms. They did research some and found one 1.5 quake. The mainstream media seemed satisfied with that explanation. I wasn't. Is it logical to relate an ongoing series of noises heard constantly for over a week to one quake with such a low seismicity they had to work hard to exclude truck rumbles from the data because they both sound the same? No. One minor quake can't explain ongoing noises. But they all packed up and left, the USGS and the news people and all the rubberneckers.

Then, two other things happened in or near Clintonville WI. First, the booms came back. Second, tiles from a kitchen restaurant started exploding in a town south of the boom town.

Mysterious Booms Return to Clintonville, Wisconsin?
"It was a bit more than a week and a half ago that residents of the town of 4,500 people west of Green Bay, Wis., said they were awakened from their sleep by loud booms that shook their houses. Night after night, there were more booms and more shaking. The United States Geological Survey finally said it recorded a 1.5-magnitude earthquake on the morning on March 20. It also recorded seismic activity the day before but could not pinpoint its location. The mystery brought reporters from across the country, including yours truly. ... This week, residents have been complaining about the booms returning to their small town. USGS said it has not been able to record any new activity and added that it has been windy in the area, which can create ground vibrations making small quakes difficult to record. There is discussion, but no decision, on placing a seismograph in Clintonville."

The short article goes on to say that thought the USGS has not been able to record a new quake they still say that the previous round of booms and the current round of booms are microquakes.

Clintonville residents shaken once again by booms
"Residents were shaken by booms again in a Wisconsin city where a small earthquake was recorded last week.Clintonville police say they received 65 calls Tuesday night between 10:35 and 11:40. City Administrator Lisa Kuss says residents reported some of the loudest booms yet. The reports had decreased since a flurry of calls early last week. The U.S. Geological Survey said a 1.5-magnitude earthquake struck March 20 in Clintonville. Geophysicist John Bellini says he looked at the nearby seismometers and was unable to detect anything Tuesday night. He says they are considering putting a seismometer in Clintonville to get a better reading of potential activity."

So the USGS heaved a sigh and installed the seismometers after all.

Clintonville installs 4 seismometers to help find cause of future booms
"Four seismometers have been installed throughout Clintonville, to help pinpoint the causes of any future booms or house-shaking.Experts blamed a series of small earthquakes for the booms that happened on 4 straight nights last week, and on Tuesday night of this week.One of those booms produced a quake that measured 1.5."

Then, in a town south of Clintonville, a local Catholic School had to close because the tiles on the floor started swelling, buckling, and then exploding. I am not making this up.

Watertown school, will reopen Monday
"A Watertown school will reopen Wednesday after some exploding tiles forced classes to be canceled Tuesday. Tiles in the cafeteria started to buckle and explode Monday at St. Henry's Catholic School."And I looked at the tiles on the floor. (They) were raising up and flying across the kitchen floor. So, we got out of the cafeteria and told the kids to go up to their classrooms. Eventually, they were evacuated," St. Henry's Cooking Manager Diane Dannenberg said. "It looked like the movie 'Tremors' where something was tunneling underneath the floor."Some described exploding, but the floor definitely buckled.The city's building inspector said the part of the building affected was built in 1952. Investigators are looking at all sorts of possibilities to explain why these tiles lifted off the ground. After 20 years as the city's building inspector, Joe Heimsch said he was baffled after first looking at this basement."

Here is a news spot on Youtube about the incident.

The inspector said that he "hopes" that its cause will be found to have been an improperly abandoned sanitary line. Or something.

You know, that weird booming and minor earthquake is only 90 miles from the Michigan town where a weird 600 foot, 4' deep crack opened up in the earth and no one knows why. It was in 2010, I'd reported on it then. I don't know if the two are linked, probably not. But the forums go crazy with this stuff. They say that the Clintonville incidents and the Watertown exploding tiles are linked. The newscaster even opened with mentioning both Clintonville and then turned tot he exploding tiles incident, mentioning them both in one sentence. They say on the forums of the exploding tiles on the kitchen floor in Watertown or Clintonville that it was: aliens, secret government tunneling, preppers making bunkers, aliens, the military shooting 50 caliber guns, and of course, aliens. LOL.