Friday, March 9, 2012

Introducing the Iran War Clock

It's ten minutes to midnight and there is a 48% chance of war with Iran...according to a new clock that tracks these things

It's 10 Minutes to Midnight: Introducing The Iran War Clock
War or peace in the Middle East amounts to a coin toss. The probability that the United States or Israel will strike Iran in the next year is 48 percent according to a new project that predicts the chances of conflict--the Iran War Clock. And as a result, the clock is set to 10 minutes to midnight."

"How does the Iran War Clock work?
"We've assembled a high-profile panel of experts from the policy world, academia, and journalism to periodically predict the odds of conflict. Each panelist makes an individual estimate about the percentage chance of war and we report the average score. Based on this number, we adjust the Iran War Clock so that the hand moves closer to, or further away from, midnight."

Points to consider:

1. The odds of war in the Middle East are NOT based on a coin toss. They are based on the Word of God.

2. Therefore the odds of war in the Middle East are 100%. Read Ezekiel 38-39, Isaiah 17, Isaiah 19, Psalm 83, Joel 2, Revelation 19...

3. Though the Iran War Clock is man's attempt to quantify the future and therefore is not accurate like God's Word is, it does tell us that the handwriting is on the wall. The secular world sees what is coming. They do not believe it is based on the bible, but they see it nonetheless.

So do we. O Lord, come soon!

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