Mysterious flash caught on news cameras still mystifies

File this under things that make me go "huh"

Explosion-like flash of light over Phoenix’s skies seen during newscast remains a mystery

"A large, fleeting flash of light that appeared in the darkened skies over the northwestern edge of metropolitan Phoenix remains a mystery. The ball of light that looked like an explosion was captured by a traffic camera on Interstate 17 around 4:45 a.m. Thursday and happened to be broadcast by KSAZ-TV when the station showed footage of the roadway during a report on the morning’s commute. The two electric utilities that serve metro Phoenix say they didn’t have any reports of electric transformer explosions that might explain the flash. Damon Gross, a spokesman for Arizona Public Service, says a blown fuse on a transformer can produce a flash, but he said the utility had no such report Thursday morning. “It’s a mystery to us as well. I can’t even offer a guess,” said Doug Nintzel, a spokesman for the Arizona Department of Transportation..." more at link

Video of the flash:


  1. Has anybody looked in on sheriff Joe to make sure in wasn't his place?

  2. It's exactly like the giant fireball I saw in the spring of 1994, north of Marysville, WA. I was delivering pizza, and I saw an incredibly huge fireball. It was never reported on, and I tried many avenues to discover what it was. but apparently no one but me saw least no one ever printed anything in the local newspaper, and there was nothing on TV about it. There was no sound associated with it, like there would be with an explosion of that magnitude (it was HUGE). I still don't know what it was.


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