Putin promises to protect Christianity worldwide

From Russia Today"Presidential candidate Vladimir Putin has promised to make the protection of repressed Christians in foreign countries one of his foreign policy priorities if he becomes president again. When Putin met with the representatives of Russia’s traditional confessions in Moscow’s main cathedral on Wednesday, the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church told him that Christians are facing repressions all over the world. The head of External Church Relations, Metropolitan Illarion, said that every five minutes one Christian was dying for his or her faith in some part of the world, specifying that he was talking about such countries as Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan and India. The cleric asked Putin to make the protection of Christians one of the foreign policy directions in future. “This is how it will be, have no doubt,” Putin answered."

I am reminded of another who is prophesied to come, boasting in flatteries and promises:

"And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries." (Daniel 11:21)

Not that Putin is the antichrist but perhaps a pale imitation of one. A forerunner. Seven months ago, Joel C. Rosenberg wrote "Putin Rising: but is he Gog?" regarding the March 4th election in Russia (which Putin won) and in that essay Rosenberg said,

"But should Putin come back, it will not bode well for Israel, the U.S., or Europe. Putin is a power-hungry, greedy, authoritarian, Czar wannabe. He is determined to expand Russian wealth, power and control over her neighbors. He has worked especially hard to build strategic alliances with Radical Islamic leaders and states in the Middle East. Over the years, people have asked me if Putin might be the Russian dictator referred to as “Gog” in the Biblical prophecies of “Gog and Magog” in Ezekiel 38-39. I suspect as Putin continues to re-emerge, those questions will begin to be asked again. Here’s my quick answer: It’s too soon to draw such a conclusion. There’s much more that would have to happen to indicate that Putin was the “Gog” of Bible prophecy. But there’s no question in my mind that Putin is Gog-esque."

Putin is back and I think he is looking more 'Gog-esque' by the minute.

And a few days ago it was reported that Putin will visit Israel in June, shortly after he is installed as President of Russia. Why? Rosenberg asked the same thing, as many are. We're all scratching our heads.

"Now comes a curious new development: Vladimir Putin will make a high-profile visit to Israel in June, not long after he is sworn in as Russia’s new president on May 7th. News reports indicate Mr. Putin’s first foreign trip upon reclaiming his power will be to the U.S. for the G8 summit on May 20. That makes sense. The U.S.-Russian relationship has widely been considered the most important bilateral geopolitical relationship on the planet since the end of World War II. But with all the other important countries and leaders in the world Mr. Putin could visit, why is he choosing to make meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu his first objective after his meeting with President Obama? What is the Russian leader’s motive? What does he want to accomplish, and why? Will Putin seek to pressure Israel not to launch a preemptive strike on Iran? Will he visit other countries in the epicenter on the same trip? Will he, for example, visit Iran, Syria, and Lebanon, as well? What about other countries mentioned in the prophecies of Ezekiel 38-39? It’s too early to say, but a development well worth watching closely."

You betcha we'll be watching.

This time we are living in now is a time of severe deception. We are told that we will all be clamoring for peace, peace, looking for one who will flatter and solve the world's problems and accepting him when he arrives. But it is all a massive deception. Hitler was a deceptively gentle man who was well regarded by those with whom he met. And they believed him. Here are some of the reactions:

"William Manchester's biography of Sir Winston Churchill confronts us with the unpleasant and haunting reminders of Hitler, a man who came extremely close to being the Antichrist, yet deceived the world with his promises of peace. Listen to what Manchester wrote, "Thomas Jones who had been in and out of Whitehall for a quarter century wrote in his diary, `All sorts of people who have met Hitler are convinced that he's a factor for peace. He doesn't seek war but friendship. Meeting the press after he had been closeted with Hitler for an hour, Lloyd George said he regarded him as the greatest living German. A year later he wrote, "I only wish we had a man of his supreme quality at the head of affairs in our country today."" He's talking about Hitler. Nazi goals were even applauded by Anglican clergymen, a group of whom expressed, quote: "Boundless admiration for the moral and ethical side of the Nazi program, its clear stand for religion and Christianity and its ethical principles," end quote.

(source: The Coming of World Peace)

And Putin will make protection of Christians in the world a priority. Peace! Peace! It is right around the corner!


  1. The Christianity that this world(y) leader promises to protect may not be the church that Christ is the Head of. It is another superficial promise that is designed to deceive.

  2. Good morning Elizabeth! A blessed Lord´s day to you.
    Well, why should we be surprised. The same thing is happening in Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood who won the majority of seats is reneging on their word not to put forward a candidate to rule the new government. Don´t people tell me that the Obama administration doesn´t know what is going and tries to snow the American people through clamoring that the MB is a peaceful, educational and civic organization that has renounced violence and Jihad and whose word can be trusted!
    You might be interested in looking at a new post on my blog. I translated the article from the French. It is a warning of the insidious agenda behind the new movie " Hunter´s game". It´s written by a gentleman form Jewish origin who is born again and has a blog on the end times that is one of the best,wel-researched and written that I know of.

  3. Correction. The name of the movie is "The Hunger Games" JLM.

  4. Hi Elizabeth, another great blog, all eastern christians beware! Putin is a deceiver!
    I have just finished watching two great videos from You Tube;-
    The Isaiah 9-10 Judgement-Part1 and Part2 by Larue 204...These video's are brilliant at explaining the reasons behind America's fall, a perfect parallel to Ancient Israel,s fall from Grace. Explains the Nine Harbingers by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.
    God Bless,
    Rebecca Bonnell

  5. Dear Elizabeth, Have you heard about The Black Widow Protocol, to be implemented THIS YEAR!
    Rebecca Bonnell

  6. Hi Rebecca,

    I have not heard about the Black Widow Protocol, but with the executive orders Obama has signed which chip away at the Constitution I have no doubt that eventually and probably soon, America will no longer be the land of the free...

  7. The Christianity that this world(y) leader promises to protect may not be the church that Christ is the Head of. It is another superficial promise that is designed to deceive.Watch World TV OnlineNepal radio Online

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