Re-Post: Childlike faith in the end times

I was talking with a friend the other day. The economic times are so tough it is making it stressful for people to make job decisions. The times are rough on families emotionally, too. With tight budgets comes worry and stress.

If a person is saved by the blood of Jesus then by prayer and faith, all things are possible. You just need to take the step, and He will provide. What will He provide? More faith, strength, guidance, direction, comfort, and more. Here is a re-post of something I'd written three years ago. Things were tough then. They are tougher now. Have faith.
You know how a child runs to their mom or their dad, tottering on those tiptoes, arms outstretched? And at the last minute, they jump. They jump into their parents' arms, fully knowing that they will land in safety and love.

Jesus urges us all to have a childlike faith. He did not mean have the faith of the child in only good times, when it's easy. He meant it for all the time, including, and especially for when times are hard. When times get tough and enemies of fear, trepidation, doubt surround you, ...even if the Lord has set a table for you that is in the midst of enemies, you shall be held dear to Him and He shall take care of you. But you must take that leap to get to His arms.

In the Third Indiana Jones movie I remember a scene where Indy had been following this treasure map. Bad guys were chasing him and they were right on his heels. He got to a place called the "Leap of Faith." It was a cavern with sheer walls on either side and one entry and no exit ... the map said to walk across. The span was too great for a man to leap. Wh-at?

I remember this like it was yesterday. I was not saved and this scene became a powerful image that stayed with me until I was saved. Indy closed his eyes, held a big breath, put out one foot like a Nazi goosestep, and propelled himself forward.

His foot landed on solid ground, How can this be? He looked at the invisible bridge from peeking to its side as far as he could lean, and it turned out it was not invisible after all, but camouflaged. It blended in perfectly with the background so it appeared as if no support was there. But it was.

Our eyes cannot see the supernatural protection we have, but if we keep propelling ourselves forward, we will find that the support IS there. No matter how close the bad guys come in their chase against us, He is there to provide a way across, through, and then beyond.

John 14:18 No, I will not abandon you or leave you as orphans in the storm-I will come to you. Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble.

Take a deep breath and keep walking, knowing with childlike faith that He is right beside you!


  1. Hi Elizabeth, I love the photo of the little girl -- it is so wonderful!

    I've thought about this sort of idea now for about a year -- that God is always there and we just need faith. I've come to the conclusion that He IS always there -- of course, but not always as we would hope He might be. In other words, sometimes the boats sinks, you loose your job, the loved one dies. But God IS still there. And you're right, He is there with love, strength, compassion, etc. We need to be careful how we present this idea to those around us -- sometimes we start sounding like Joel Osteen! God IS here with us and He loves us, but that doesn't make our life trouble-free. Anyway, I know you already get that, I just felt like saying it "out loud" here. :-)

  2. Hi WIngAbouts,

    Thanks for the clarification. I'd been careful to say in the second paragraph that the things He will provide are faith, strength, guidance, direction, comfort, etc, so thank you for the making sure the readers understand that what He will provide faith in the end times through difficulties are not necessarily the temporal things but the eternal things..

  3. With child like faith, things that are logical doesn't apply to the believer! GRACE CANNOT BE BOUGHT! IT'S FREE! Nice blog! HALLELUJAH!

    Watch and share!


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