Some Sunday encouragement

I know this week has been longer on commentary and explanation and shorter on news. I try to embed the news in both an explanation and a lesson of how to see the world from an eternal perspective.

Apostasy is rising so quickly it takes my breath away. Apostasy is a falling away from the truth. Many people are now falling, falling under the sway of false doctrines, or are worshiping idols, or are simply walking away from Jesus. It seems sometimes that everyone is falling away. Apostasy is a poison that hurts the brethren, tornadoes are a disaster that wrecks lives, failing economies pillage the pocketbook ... but the Lord has a trumpet that will never sound retreat!

Everyone is not falling away. If we take a peek at the larger picture we see glorious multitudes on earth who are in Jesus and walking in the faith. He is the victor and we who are under His wings are victors with Him. Be peaceful, knowing His plan is amazingly unfolding day by day, week by week, year by year. And blessedly, we are of a generation that is part of it and watching it happen. If we are repentant and strong and vigorous for His name, we will be used as part of His plan! Picture the even greater multitudes in heaven who are eternally in Jesus and eternally walking in the faith. Think on the unknown people you have influenced in Jesus' name that you will meet in heaven on that golden street. Think of how we will be talking with saints from all nations, tribes, peoples and tongues about how Jesus worked in your life, praising Him as you sit under His light that illuminates the New Jerusalem!

When we see all those who have been saved because of His death and resurrection, the multitudes and multitudes over the ages, it will be such a praise to Jesus. Each person in that vast sea of peoples are a glory to the One who saved them. Each person is a living drop of grace that fell as His blood was shed from the cross. Each person is an emblem of the intra-Trinitarian delight the Creator, Jesus and the Spirit have with each other, who then turned outward to share His delight with a people made in His likeness. When your hearts fail and your faith weakens, picture the sea of people shining in heaven, so many that the rows of them undulate like a marching army over the hills of time. And all because of Him.