Stop coddling heresy

I am heartbroken every day at the increasing encroachment of apostasy in Christians. I saw on Erin Benzinger's blog Do Not Be Surprised, this clip from WretchedTV called "Stop Coddling Heresy". It is about 4 minutes, and features Pastor Steve Lawson preaching about John Knox's stand for the Gospel to Mary Queen of Scots. He explains that it is the standing on the Word that pierces the heart, not accommodating culture, building bridges, or diluting the message. It is understanding of our wretched state of total depravity that allows us to see the grace of God and our need for Jesus.

Knox stood up to the Queen, and remember this one was called Bloody Mary because her usual response to people challenging her was to chop off their head. Lawson explains the power of the Gospel and how it pierces sinning hearts, and how desperately we need the truth proclaimed from the pulpit. Mary's response to Knox was a knee-swooning, heart wrenching praise to the Lord. This climactic moment in Lawson's clip where Mary capitulates is then juxtaposed with some words from Joel Osteen. I won't transcribe the piece because the power is in hearing. Faith comes by hearing doesn't it? (Romans 10:17). I urge you to take a moment to listen, it isonly and when it gets to 4 minutes. Osteen, the juxtaposition of the two men, Knox and Osteen, one right after another, is devastating. Please, please, listen to "Stop Coddling Heresy."

I was at a place the other day where I saw an Osteen book on the table with a bookmark in it. And next to it a little ways away was another Osteen book, this one also with a bookmark in it. Osteen presents a different Gospel. He touts a different god who is no god. Osteen's god is not the God of sin and judgment and repentance. He is the coach in the sky who will give you a good parking place at the mall as you go in to spend money Osteen's god has sent you because you are "favored" to have your best life now.

The watering down of the Word and of His doctrines and of a solid Christian life makes me shake my head. Bending my knees I ask the Lord to sweep us up to Him, because the faithlessness in His name is unbearable.


  1. Bloody Mary was the half sister of Queen Elizabeth and first daughter of King Henry VIII. Mary, Queen Scots, was a cousin of Queen Elizabeth - Bloody Mary was queen in England for five years, Mary,Queen of Scots was never queen in England, only Scotland - you can check Wikipedia online for this information - however, you are right about John Knox preaching to Mary Queen of Scots

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Um, I don't believe I wrote that she was Queen of England...

  3. But thanks for straightening me out on the two cousins Mary...


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