Drifting Away: A Sailing Story

Morning praise

I live in a pretty area, one that the Lord led me to 6 years ago. He asked me to leave all I had ever done, all the people I had ever known, and all the scenery that I had ever seen, and move to Georgia. I said "OK."

I drive through pretty areas on my way to work. I pass a barn, and pastures, and see cows and colts and foals and lambs. I see green fields with waving hay and eagles and heather and pine trees. It is quiet and there's little traffic. If there are 4 cars at the four-way stop sign it's a jam. I sing and pray and praise Him the entire way. Every day.

He chose to re-make my life for me here. It is a better life than I would have had if I had remained, I see that now. He knows what is best. Bless You, Lord. May Your will be done.

This morning, I was thinking the thoughts I write below. I hope you sing and pray and praise Him for all His works in the world and for what He does in your life, too. He is wonderful gracious, and loving. He is our Savior and our God.

The seasons He ordained progress their rounds in the calendar

The birds gather food...how much more will He provide His children?

He causes the supernovas to explode, and the gnats to fly.
He causes the sequoias to grow, and amoebas to divide.

He is greater than all that is in the world.
Let praises of His holy name ring throughout
the universe from end to end.

And even then, He is greater than all.


  1. Amen and Amen! Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation! (I love that hymn! and your post brought it to mind) Thanks!

  2. Beautiful! I really love the picture of mama and baby bird, precious.

    Praising Him with you sister. He is always worthy of praise.


  3. Beautifully put!

    Yes, Praise Jesus! ~Amen~
    ~God Bless~

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    you are indeed blessed to be living in such a beautiful place, lush and green, like England...well most parts now that we are getting some rain. Praise You Lord for Your Beautiful Garden.
    Rebecca Bonnell

  5. Beautiful - thank you for sharing this!

  6. Hi Elizabeth,

    Would you please be so kind and explain how you knew that the Lord wanted you to move to Georgia?
    I have a hard time understanding how people know what the Lord wants them to do. Thank you.

    1. What does God want us to do? For all people, the answer is the same: first Jesus wants us to have faith in Him (his death, burial, resurrection). After that which brings salvation, the Christian is to do the will of the Father, and one of those things is to witness to the lost and another is to love Him with all our mind, strength, and soul. It is to be spirit filled. It is to love our neighbor.

      After that, it is just careful decision-making in life. The Holy Spirit does the rest.

      These resources will help you-

      7 minute video: How can I know what God wants?"
      Full-length of the above, or transcript to read: "God's will is not secret"

      He does not make His will clear thru impressions or whispers. He does NOT.

      Here is an interview transcript about living a practical life of following God's will that does not include dreams or signs or a prayer rug or whispers, go 2/3 of the way down to the question-

      "Right. Let’s do change subjects. What is your perspective on the belief that the Holy Spirit leads us by nudging us or whispering to us or giving us dreams, things like that?"


      what he answers, that is how I do it.


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