No one knows the day nor hour

I talk about the soon return of Jesus a lot in real life. I am constantly surprised by the reactions I receive from Christians. More often than not, the rapture conversation makes them uncomfortable. It is sort of amazing to think of the prophesied abruptness of the change from one epoch to another. It will happen in the twinkling of an eye. In 1/100th of a second, Christians will be changed from corruptible to incorruptible, and the lost will remain and wonder what is happening. But still, the notion of a speedy snatching up to Jesus is supposed to make us glad, eager, and aware of our destiny in Christ. Yet too many Christians see that moment as an unnecessary interruption of their lives.

Some Christians take it better than others. The mildest kind of deflection usually goes something like this: after listening patiently, even indulgently to me, of Jesus's return and the necessity of our forgiven state, they will say " one knows the day or hour." And then they change the subject.

I want to address that response. I want to address it because it is wrong.

The bible is right, no one knows the day or hour. But too many people use that verse as an incorrect response to any discussion of the imminence of the rapture. What they mean is, because no one knows the day or hour, we must not speak of His snatching us away at all. They say "It may be thousands of years. No one knows." And they believe that to be a sufficient deflection of the topic. They verbally and rhetorically push it off a few thousand years, hinging on that verse as their justification to put it out of their mind. How wrong they are. But they deflect the topic because confronting that notion, that time for us may end at any second, means they must take a close and imminent look at their sin, their lifestyle, their walk, their weakness.

I say this: because no one knows the day or hour, we must speak of it constantly. Why? It could be tomorrow.


  1. I wish there was someone in my life I could talk to about His coming all the time...I so long for someone to talk to about such things.
    But still within me there is a fear because I know I'm not ready for His coming, and am confused as to how to get ready and I often feel alone and like others don't understand this urgency within me.

    1. Anonymous, I just talk about it with everyone, as a normal part of conversation. I have no one to sit down with and have long discussions. But I remark on His coming as a fact quite often at work and elsewhere.

      You are ready for His coming to get us if you have repented of your sins and asked Him to forgive them. If you realize and acknowledge He is your Lord and Savior, believing on his name as risen Son of God, you're ready.

      You're not alone with feeling that others don't understand the urgency within you. Fewer and fewer is one reason we hang out together on the internet. :)

  2. The main reason that many become uncomfortable is that the world has conditioned us to be accustomed to normal, whatever that is. We all have to some degree the fallen nature and are as we allow it able to sin. at the time of the being caught up, we will be completely delivered. But for now, be not conformed to the likeness of this world is what I on a daily basis must be working on.

  3. The previous writer mentioned "a feeling of urgency" about our Lord coming to take us home. This feeling has taken hold of us and we can't stop talking or thinking about "looking up," or writing about it. The descriptive word "knowledge," in the prophecy that describes the end times, can be a good thing. Believers have the capability to connect with each other through technology: the modern day fish symbol.

  4. Hi Anonymous, you are not alone. I also have this sense of urgency in my stomach and i am so glad you have said the same.
    The urgency is God's way of telling us to get right with Him as time is running out for us all.
    To get yourself ready for His coming, is to Pray to Jesus everyday and asking Him what You, can do for Him, not just what He can do for You. Also to read some of your Bible everyday to help you understand God and Jesus, by doing this you are keeping your lamp full for His return.{Matthew:25.1-13}
    His Love for Us is amazing and when you feel alone ask Jesus to squeeze your Heart...HE WILL
    Also find a Good Church and get a Full Jesus, if you follow Jesus's teachings from the Gospels, it shall keep you on the right path.
    May The Precious Blood of Jesus Protect and Bless You.
    Rebecca Bonnell{England}

  5. This is something that is at the forefront of my mind on a daily basis. My heart aches to hear "Come up here!" I may not know the day or the hour, but I pray that today is the day and throughout the day that this is the hour. It sometimes feels a bit selfish to want to leave this world so soon because I know there are many who are lost, but I know His Will will be done. Personally, I'm ready to go Home.

    I'm guilty of having other desires though, much like anyone else I'm sure. When my fiance and I discuss our future children I think about being a father and being able to raise them. I know in my heart we won't have that opportunity to raise our children up and that grieves me some.

    Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

  6. Okay, I'm a baby Christian...actually I'm not even sure if I'm a Christian, but I so want to be one.
    All day long I feel this guilt, this urgency, this trembling. I read my Bible everyday but when I read all the things that Christ says to do, it overwhelms me and I don't know where to start...I'm not sure what to do. I try to pray but I don't know what words to I just kneel..and cry..
    I would just love to have peace in my stop it from racing and fearing all the things that are happening in my life.
    I hate doing the things that I used to love and I want to do what He loves but feel unable to do it.
    I just long for the world in me to be destroyed and to really know God and what He wants me to do and be.
    I feel like I don't know His love and would love to catch a glimpse of it.
    Would you please pray for me and my sister and maybe tell what you guys did when you first came to Christ?

    1. If you repented to Jesus and "That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." (Romans 10:9)

      Have you done that?

      As for the guilt, we are all guilty before God because of our sins. However, if you have repented and believe on Jesus, He forgets our sins and wipes the slate clean.
      Heb 8:12- "For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more." (also Acts 3:19 and Psalm 103:12)

      If you have not repented, the guilt could be your conscience convicting you with a true guilt. If you have repented, it could be a false guilt you need not feel. So you have to determine if your guilt is a true guilt or a false guilt.

      If it is a false guilt, start by confessing known sins in your prayer time with Jesus. Pray often. Repent of sins you know you commit. Then, read the bible. Start with John, then Matthew. Commit the verses that speak of love and grace and forgiveness to heart, and memory. Ponder them. When you feel guilt coming on, or a good cry, just remember or read those verses and DECIDE to believe them. We have to capture every thought, and that means choosing not to dwell on the guilt or sadness.

      Next, find a bible-believing church and GO. be strengthened by the saints. Pray to the Spirit for direction on which church and on how and where to serve. Using your Spiritual gifts to encourage the body in Jesus name is a wonderful way to feel close to Jesus and to be in right relationship with Him- by serving.

      You don't need to catch a glimpse of His love. If you truly repented, you HAVE it. He sent the Spirit to indwell you and you are a child of His, and He loves all His children. If you read the Word, serve, and pray, you will experience His love even more. It is an upward cycle. Just start *doing* and then you will eventually notice you aren't sad and guilty anymore.

  7. At first I was amazed that so many are uncomfortable discussing or even thinking of the rapture, but you are correct, they do say things like a long way off, not thinking it will be in their lifetime, etc. I, myself am very anxious and looking forward to going home. I even find myself impatient at times, I guess because there is SO much evil and craziness in every area of our lives, from government to business corruption, to just incomprehensible things people do and say, it boggles my mind. I remember Scripture---creation will be reversed, back to darkness and chaos, which it appears is happening so fast these days. I find myself wondering, how can God take much more of seeing this degraded, sick society we live in now. There is absolutely nothing on this earth that I am looking forward to,meaning in this world as it is; The Lord keeps showing me comforting scriptures about the peace and how good it is going to be whenever I feel so discouraged and anxious. To think that the prophets longed to see what we are seeing now, I should be excited, and I am, but also distressed by all the news these days. I look forward to meeting you and sitting at the Marriage Supper of The Lamb with you. God Bless and Thank you very much for all your hard work!! Kathy McInvale/USA

  8. Hi Anonymous, when i first prayed to Our Lord, i prayed in a darkened room no noise; tv, phone off so that i woud not be disturbed. Next i humbled myself before God, by getting on my knees to pray using The Lord's Prayer:


    If you do this and then try to name as many of the sin's that you have done, with heartfelt apology...this should lead you to tears of remorse. That's why it's called prayer in penitance and faith.
    You will feel exausted after, but elated as you will feel a burden has been lifted from your shoulder's {this is the removal of your sin's}
    You will need to pray everyday at least twice a day using The Lord's Prayer and asking Him for His guidance. Once you have found Jesus and asked Him into your life, He won't let you go.
    This life is short the next is Forever, choose wisely!
    {Praying on one's knees is also showing God the respect that He deserves and that we are His humble servants}
    Peace of GOD be with You.
    Rebecca Bonnell


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