Sunlight changes everything

Sacrifice, agony, ultimate love: Good Friday

Sunday's a-coming!

I can't imagine how it felt for our precious Savior or for our Loving God, after eons of intra-Trinitarian delight, of giving and submitting, loving, planning, and creating, sweetly delighting in each other's presence, then for Jesus to be apart from God or for how it felt for God to be separated from His Son. It is painful to even think about...that moment in the Garden when Jesus was praying to be released from the agony of the cup, or the moment on the cross when He felt God's presence depart from Him (Luke 22:42) ... Oh! Oh! Oh!

But Sunday's comin'!!

S.M. Lockridge's sermon combines with footage from The Passion Of The Christ for this powerful video.


  1. Oh sweet, sweet Jesus! How you suffered for us. How you were in agony and separation so we could have reconciliation with Father. Thank you Jesus.

    Sunday is coming....

  2. Praise the Lord for paying our sin debt that we could not do ourselves. To God goes the glory. :-)


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