Surrender to Christ

Our pastor said today that there is a difference between saying "I commit to Jesus" and "I surrender to Jesus". He's right of course. The commitment is a personal choice, and we are still in control. Surrender is an acknowledgement that we are Jesus's and it is HIS will be done.

John MacArthur had a good sermon on the theme a while ago: "Slaves of Christ", reminding us that when we read the word bondservant or servant in the bible, that the Greek word is actually doulos, meaning slave. We are slaves. Our will is not what's best for us, it is HIS will that is best for us.

The understanding that He knows best means we have to trust Him. In cases where sight may be faulty or circumstances may be hidden, God is in it, behind it, and supports it, and He knows what is best. We can't tell, and we don't know. We see through a glass darkly. Trust Him. Surrender.

Spurgeon said, "When we come to the end of self we come to the beginning of Christ."

Surrender is not a popular concept for American Christians, particularly. We were raised to believe we are exceptional. We are imbued with a sense of purpose and self-sufficiency and git 'er done mentality. That is counter to the kind of relationship God demands, where He and He alone is the boss. But to have a proper understanding of His position as the Most High, and us as (forgiven) sinners of the most low, we become His slaves. And He will raise us up on the last day, (John 6:40) to offer us our inheritance and to begin the relationship of co-heirs with Him (Romans 8:17). Until then, brethren, we are His slaves. The question for this week is, do we act like it?