The Ghost is clear

A funny kid thing. At recess last week, the kindergarten boys were playing. Two hid behind a tree and gestured across the expanse of grass to two other boys. One boy instructed the other, "You can't go until you say "THE GHOST IS CLEAR".

I and the other teacher on duty laughed at this, even asking the boy to repeat the message again. The Ghost is clear. So cute!

I thought about that all day. The phrase kept ringing in my head, and not just because the innocent malapropism was sweet, but for its spiritual application. There is always a spiritual application. I hope you know me well enough by now to know that I always apply everything to the spiritual , lol!

Now, spiritually, the Ghost IS clear. His functions as a communicator of joy to the saints. (Romans 14:17; Galatians 5:22; 1 Thessalonians 1:6). He teaches us. (John 14:26).  He guides us. (John 16:13). He reveals the deep things of God and searches them out. (1 Corinthians 2:10-11). He is Light in our darkness. To that end, the Ghost is clear. Without Him, we can see nothing, we can know nothing, we can do nothing.

As Paul noted in the famous love chapter of 1 Corinthians 13, even with the Spirit we can only know in part, and we see through a glass darkly. It's pause for thought that man's depravity is so dark that even with the clarity of God's Spirit we still only see through a glass, and darkly at that. But He is clear! His clarity brings us joy, guidance, edification, and illumination of the Word. Often forgotten as the third member of the Trinity, praise the Holy Ghost for His ministry of bringing God's standards to us clearly!


  1. "There is always a spiritual application. I hope you know me well enough by now to know that I always apply everything to the spiritual , lol!"
    Ha ha! You are not alone,I have been accused of the same thing myself, (seeing things that only exist in my fertile imagination) by even my closest friends and family members who do not understand that everything in life has meaning and purpose and that if Jesus is the One holding everything together there must be some kind of interconnection between all elements of creation. There is no end to the amazement and gratitude that I feel when I see our Father, Creator, Redeeemer, Counselor and friend reveal through the Holy Ghost, the profound mysteries of life through the Word, nature, and the innocent yet profound sayings of children. He keeps opening our ears, eyes and hearts everyday with the verities contained through the pages of His book through even mundane encounters with life in its manifold facets. It becomes even clearer and more focused every day as we joyfully anticipate His soon return. Maranatha.

    1. Lol Jean-Louis! I have been accused of "taking the bible way too seriously," by an assistant pastor, if you can believe that!

      I'm glad you're amazed at the revelations of the Spirit, too. Thanks you for sharing the joy of the Lord!

    2. I have been accused of that too with other words.
      A funny anecdote. A few years ago, I started studying hebrew with a rabbi, scribe from Turkey, a sephardic jew from Spanish descent. He spoke French, English, Hebrew, Spanish, and Arabic.

      We became friends and shared in 3 languages. He gave me some great history lessons from the talmud, some great tips on how to form verbs from hebrew roots, etc.

      We had an overall good time learning the jewish way which made for some pretty heated dicussions at times.

      Unfortunately, I had to stop when he got kicked out by the congregation for being too jewish....can you believe it?!

  2. Hey Elizabeth!

    I know this is totally unrelated but I was wondering what you think about this sudden increase in acts of cannibalism?

    I've read about 3 or 4 incidents within the past WEEK and it's extremely disturbing. I'd link you but I've had to stop myself from reading the full details more than once. I really do think it's demonic in orgin and I'm realizing that acts of cannibalism might occur all the time during the tribulation as demons wander freely in the earth. It's just scary to think about.

    People taking their chances to choose Christ after the rapture are asking for hell...if things are getting this bad now, imagine how terrible it will be during those days.

    Another weird thing i've noticed is that people are seeing it and joking about it calling it a zombie attack. When will people wake up?

    Anyways please let me know what you think. God bless.

    1. I wrote about it obliquely on Monday, without going into too many specifics and just remarking on the fact that unsaved people ALL have depths of sin in them that have no lower levels. It's here

      and RIGHT THIS SECOND I am finishing another article that deals with a few more specifics and also looks at it from a social collapse point of view and as a barometer of where we are in relation to the Tribulation. Stay tuned, should be up within a half hour or so. Thank you for asking!


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