Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to hear God's voice, without static

I was trundling down the driveway to head out for work this morning and on my Christian radio station was Bach’s Gloria in excelsis Deo. I had to stop at the bottom to let a car go by. The instant I stopped, the music changed from the Christian station to a jazz song.

As I pulled forward to go again the song instantly changed back to Gloria.

I laughed, and got to thinking of how it worked that as long as I was moving I was tuned in perfectly to the Godly frequency. It was only when I’d stopped that the worldly song came in. When we keep moving, we stay on God’s frequency. (Romans 6:4; Eph 4:17; 1 Corinthians 9:24; 2 Timothy 4:7)

It’s funny how there are so many radio stations and yet all of them have their own frequency. It’s rare for one to dominate the other suddenly, it is only when we stop in a dead zone or we go out of range that the signals get crossed. When that happens we hear static, and the message gets lost.

It is exactly like that in our walk with God. When we stop our walk with Him, the world encroaches. When we linger in a dead zone (sin) then the world takes over. All radio signals have their own frequency, and so does God.

The apostasy that is rising so quickly is partly due to the Christians who stop tuning in to God’s channel and seek him on a different one. It is pointless to listen to a jazz station and expect to hear “Are You Washed in the Blood?” You can listen until you’re blue in the face but that song will never come on that station.

Christians of late have been trying to find God on a frequency where He doesn’t broadcast. Bill Hybels is on the whispering station but God is not there. Jesse Duplantis been looking for Him on the visions station but he is not there. Beth Moore has been looking for Him on the contemplative prayer station from the pit but He is not there. Henry Blackaby has been tuning into the experiential station but God is not there. God broadcasts strongly on one station and one station only.


Chris Rosebrough wrote about where to find God’s broadcast 100% of the time, with certainty. His essay, "How to Hear God's Voice 100% of the Time"  is wonderful.  He wrote in part:

"Are you struggling to figure out if those whispers that your pastor has told you to listen for are really God's voice or a case of gastrointestinal hallucinations caused by a bad batch of pepperoni pizza?"

"Are you tired of going through the whole rigmarole of filtering those voices in your head through a six point 'discernment grid' to try to ascertain if that's the Holy Spirit speaking to you or proof that you need to make an appointment with a shrink?"

"Have you read and reread Blackaby and still haven't got the foggiest notion as to how to tell where God is working in the world so that you can join Him?"

"If you've answered yes to one or all of these questions then I've got great news for you! I have discovered a simple and sure fire way for you to hear God's voice. The best part is that its 100% guaranteed and totally Biblical. Here it is."

Click on the link to read more. It is an excellent essay! Needless to say, God broadcasts on the BIBLE CHANNEL 100% of the time. If you read it, study it, pray about it, let the Spirit lead you into truth, your signals will never get crossed!!

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  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    What an excellent post Elizabeth! Really made it clear and just what I needed. Thank you again for all your work, I appreciate it so much. Laura


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