Huge meteor in Mexico?? "Signs in the sun, moon, stars"

The title is a fragment of a verse that is embedded in the Olivet Discourse. Jesus sat the disciples down and described, in answer to their question, what will be the signs of the end of the age. The resulting discourse is commonly interpreted to be signs that will be present in the Tribulation, because Matthew 24 is a Tribulation discussion. I believe up until verse 8 also can be extrapolated as signs immediately prior to the 7-year period of wrath. I am of the opinion that there will be some overlap...

So with His warning about the sun & moon & stars in mind, this weekend there are several rare astronomical events on the schedule.

As this piece from KOZ Media states, "We Earthlings have already been treated to nice meteor showers as well as a magnificent supermoon, and this weekend brings an annular solar eclipse. That’s not even the best treat: Venus will be ambling between Earth and the sun in a rare (though non-earth-shattering) planetary alignment. Sure, the event might look like a black pimple floating across the face of the sun, but this celestial rarity once guided adventurous astronomers in their quest to determine the size of the solar system and yielded the first-ever global scientific collaboration. Don’t blink—Venus doesn’t cross our path again until December 2117."

Hmmm, lots going on in the heavens, rare things, unusual things, usual things, all at once. Just like Jesus said in Luke 21:25...and the Tribulation hasn't even started yet.

Sunday's partial solar eclipse is only the start- "The sun, the moon and the planet Venus will be staging shows during the next two weeks with three astronomical events in the springtime sky. The first will be a rare type of partial solar eclipse on Sunday, followed in the days afterward by a partial lunar eclipse and the rare sight of Venus crossing the face of the sun in what astronomers call a transit. ...Farther north, the event will be seen as a rare "annular" eclipse, occurring when the moon's passage carries it almost completely in front of the sun. For a few seconds, a brilliant ring of sunlight - a "ring of fire," as astronomers call it - will appear around the darkened lunar disk."

Now there is news just out concerning a meteor in Mexico. This google-translated article states,

"Civil Protection Authorities of Veracruz seeking in the mountainous area north of the state of an object that fell from the sky at about 10 and half of Friday night. Early reports indicate that the impact could be in the community belonging to San Jose ChicharrĂ­n Atenco Puebla or in Martinez de la Torre or Tlapacoyan, Veracruz side. However, both states seek brigade which lit up the sky and caused a slight tremor in various locations Veracruz. Witnesses living in martineneces congregations reported that they saw a shooting star in the sky falling at great speed. When they lost sight of the earth shook so deduced that it was a meteorite. While some commented that it was a plane that had crashed, that version could be ruled out given that inhabitants of Veracruz assured by social networks have seen the fall of the object. It is expected that the state authorities succeed in reaching the point where he fell in order to give an official version."

It hasn't been officially confirmed yet, but the social media and photo seem earnest and real.

The Lord is good. He sends us His warnings... "But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer." (1 Peter 4:7)