Flipping off Reagan in the White House and the judgment of the wrath of abandonment

Is there any one picture that can illustrate better that the LORD of the Universe has given over the nation of America and has abandoned us to our reprobate mind??
Gay Activists Visiting White House Take Photos of Themselves Flipping Off Reagan Portrait
Image source: Facebook
The photo is of homosexual activists who had been invited to the White House. They chose to demonstrate their decorum and manners by raising their middle fingers to the portrait of a former President who had served 30 years ago.

Who's dead.

Yeah, those lesbians sure showed Reagan. Sigh.

The main issue isn't even of homosexuality primarily. When one is invited to the People's House, the national seat of power, and arguably the most powerful location on the planet, choosing to demonstrate your sexuality in the White House living room instead of your private bedroom is beyond juvenile. Raising your middle finger in public, especially that place of honor and distinction, is beyond immature and profane. Stay classy, ladies. Oops, too late.

Homosexuals insist they are not defined by their sexual orientation but the photo below and their actions like this and others make it clear they are led by their lust. They claim that they just want to live an 'out' life being "who they are" but they prove over and over that who they are, are people who are led by perverted lust with an inability and unwillingness to control themselves. Certainly they are not led by reasonable decision making as mature adults living a lifestyle of respectful civil discourse and behavior...

Gay Activists Visiting White House Take Photos of Themselves Flipping Off Reagan Portrait
Image source: zoestrauss.blogspot.com
Strauss posted a second photo on her blog with the comment: “Me and LB making out under a portrait of Reagan at the White House. That was amazing.” (source)

Romans 1:18-31 describes the progression of "God’s Wrath Against Mankind." That is what the section of verse is called. It outlines what happens when individuals and a nation decide to overthrow the sovereignty of God and pursue their own lusts. In an interview this week with Brannon Howse of WorldView Weekend, Dr. John MacArthur explained this wrath, which he called the Wrath of Abandonment:

"I believe America is under Divine judgment, and I'm not saying that just as a whim. Romans 1 says, Romans 1:18 says, the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all unrighteousness of men who hold the truth in unrighteousness. Okay, if we took America and asked, did we have the truth? We had the truth, yes. But we have held the truth in unrighteousness, getting increasingly unrighteous."

"So what is the wrath of God against us? Well, it defines it in verses 24, 26 and 28. "He gave them over," "He gave them over," "He gave them over." This is not eschatalogical wrath, this is not eternal wrath, this is not sort of consequential wrath (sowing and reaping), this is not cataclysmic wrath, like the flood or like a tidal wave, this is the wrath of abandonment. God gave them over, gave them over, gave them over. And you see a sequence."

"When this wrath acts - and according to Acts 14 He allows all the nations to go their own way, so this is the cycle of human history - when this wrath is in action, the first thing he says is, God gave them over to fornication. The first thing that happens, you will notice a sexual revolution, you will notice that sexual behavior will begin to be accepted outside of marriage. Then he says in verse 26, He gave them over to homosexuality, women with women doing that which is unacceptable, men with men, and it even talks about getting the due results of their sin, which would be something like AIDS."

"So you can tell when a society has been turned over by God, abandoned: first, there's the sexual revolution, that's the 60's, the whole Playboy sexual deal, the hippie culture, then you get a homosexual revolution. Then verse 28, God gives them over to a reprobate mind. Now nobody can think straight, and all the stuff that follows out of that. I think that's what we're seeing in America. You're not gonna overpower God's judgment on this country at that level." (HT for transcription to Sola Sisters)

The word reprobate in the verse 'reprobate mind' is actually depraved, and it is defined in the Greek as "rejected, fail the test". Mind is translated, "the God-given capacity of each person to think (reason); the mind; mental capacity to exercise reflective thinking. For the believer, is the organ of receiving God's thoughts, through faith."

So back to the beginning when I asked "Is there any one picture that can illustrate better that the LORD of the Universe has given over the nation of America and has abandoned us to our reprobate mind?" I believe, NO. I believe that it is the picture of God's judgment of Wrath of Abandonment and an example of the National Reprobate Mind.


  1. On June 12, two ladies, ages 43 and 45, we're arrested for exposing themselves on a golf course in Illonois. I guess they just thought it would be amusing to flash some people. I heard this driving home from picking up my children from swim class and I just thought to myself, what is going on in this world? This story reminded me of it.

  2. I truly believe that we, the United States of Ameridca is under judgement. I also believe that Mr Obama is part of the judgements. after watching his lawless and clearly rebellion against God actions I am convinced of it. I really think that if we do not stand up aginst his rebellion God will judge Christians harshly for not taking a stand. As Bonhoffer so aply said it " God will not hold us guiltless, to not speak is to speak and to not act is to act. I truly tremble for all of us but especially those that call themselves Christians because the mainstream is complicit in evil.


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