Huge swarm of grasshoppers invades rural California town

I shouldn't look at my stats. I get depressed doing that. I mean, I'm blessed to have a few thousand per day visit the site. Since it began three and a half years ago, 1.4 million people have stopped in for one reason or another. I'm thrilled for that.

They come for all different reasons. Some come from Googling key words and landing here, some come from a bookmark, and some have wandered over from my other blog. But mostly, looking at the stats for each post, I see a trend that makes me sad.

I put prayer and thought into each post, but the doctrinal posts, the ones about the bible directly either through interpretation of a passage or using a passage to share encouragement, get some good amount of hits.

But is has always been the weird posts that get the most hits. Weird, and weather. And when we have weird weather together it busts the hit counter. I'd like to continue to delude myself that people come here for the Jesus stuff, but it is not so, the stats tell me. Well, I lure you in with the freak weather posts and then talk about Jesus in every post anyway, bwahaha.

Today the post with the most is "Tornado Sweeps Across Venice Italy." It is really sending out the siren call to people from near and far. This week's top view-getter is "Transgendered Chastity Bono and Dancing with the Stars", for some reason. The piece was news 9 months ago. Oh, well, praise the Lord that they come for any reason.

The Ghost horse of Cairo Egypt's Tahrir Square is still reeling in the hits as all time heavy hitter.

Weather especially will claim the internet surfer's attention. The freak hail in CO I wrote about earlier in the week is clipping along in the hits department. The post "Indian villagers attacked by swarms of suddenly appearing spiders" is holding its own, too.

Here is another one that will be sure to attract a lot of views:

Huge swarm of grasshoppers invades rural California town
"A massive swarm of grasshoppers has invaded a rural town in Sacramento County, eating foliage, hopping around and creating a nuisance. ... Entomologist Steve Heydon said these types of swarms are rare. The working theory: This winter was dry and warm, so there's less vegetation around for the bugs to eat. But the winter before saw a lot more precipitation than usual, so with plenty of food there were a lot of extra little bugs born."

This story describes the grasshopper infestation in a way that made me think of the plague of frogs in Exodus:
"The Nile shall swarm with frogs that shall come up into your house and into your bedroom and on your bed and into the houses of your servants and your people, and into your ovens and your kneading bowls. The frogs shall come up on you and on your people and on all your servants." (Ex 8:3-4) 
"They’re everywhere,” said Debbie. It’s an insect infestation. “We’re being invaded,” said Brian Campbell. Grasshoppers are taking over the Campbell family farm. They saw some a few days ago. “But, then it went to the extreme,” said Debbie. They’re covering the house, the ground and everywhere you look."
I think it's funny that the news story which features a video of the grasshoppers shows a portion where the camera guy is filming the field of grasshoppers and they are crawling over his lens. Look, see it on the screen as the newscasters are introducing the spot?

We have been having a spike in snake bites here in the rural South this summer. Officials say that we've seen more snakes for the same reason as those entomologists in CA say they are seeing more grasshoppers, the overly dry and warm winter was the culprit.

In Libya right now, locusts are out of control and that is blamed on Muammar Gaddafi. Even though he is dead, the uprising that toppled him from his throne, and from life, caused locust-watchers to be unable to scour the countryside to apply the necessary pesticide to control them. As a result, locusts, like the population that rose up and killed their so-called King of Kings, are out of control in Libya. And now those swarms are threatening Mali and Niger.

I'm only half-kidding about the depressing stats. I personally wish I received a thousand hits on the "We take refuge in a Mighty God" post and less on the "Freak hail on CO" posts, instead of the opposite. But I know the Spirit sends just the right people here and for His own reasons. Those who come to read about extra-large hail may stay to read the plan of salvation. Those who want to know about the Ghost Horse of Tarhir Square may read the left behind letters. And after the rapture, all this information will still be available to anyone wanting to know how to be saved. I'm grateful for the million and a half souls who for whatever reason drew them here, saw the name of Jesus on the page. His name is the most precious seed which the Holy Spirit waters with truth. God is growing a wonderful garden of redeemed souls who will shine with His glory on the Day. Praise His name and all His works - doctrinal, freaky, and everything in between.


  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    I must tell you that I read both of your blogs each day and look forward to seeing if you have made an entry. I have learned alot and really enjoyed all the entries. Please don't let numbers have an influence on you as it does in so many things in this world today. Just touching one person who is lost is a great thing. Please keep up the great work! Laura.

    1. Hi Laura,

      Thanks you so much for reading! I wish the Jesus-orientted blog entries got more attention but that's OK, they get enough, and Jesus is good to bring just the right folks to just what they need for that moment :). Thanks again for reading and for commenting. I really do appreciate it.

  2. Hi Elizabeth:
    I, too, read your blog on a daily basis (well, almost daily)
    and find it very encouraging. Your love for Jesus and God's
    plan for this world comes thru loud and clear. I was especially blessed by your recent prophecy post and consider it an answer to my prayer of the last few months that I would come to know what is real, what is true with regard to the rapture.There are so many interpretations out there all citing the same Bible verses - it makes me dizzy.
    I also like that you post on week-ends when many
    don't. So please, don't get discouraged - there are many
    searching souls in cyber land. Thank-you for your faithfulness
    in this work the Lord has laid on your heart. Jackie

  3. Elizabeth,

    Did you take note of the name of the city where the grasshoppers showed up? I believe it is "Herald". The definition of herald: A person who carries or proclaims important news; a messenger. What do you think about that? God certainly has a wry sense of humor, doesn't He? I also think it's cool how he's so right "out there" when he wants to make a statement, but we must be looking for His messages in order to find them.



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