Mushroom like cloud forms, sparking fears of an armageddon-like event

Mushroom like cloud forms, sparking fears an armageddon-like event was underway. This happened in Beijing. "An enormous mushroom cloud formed in the sky over Beijing late last week, sparking fears that a cataclysmic, Armageddon-like event was underway. Alas, it was not the end of the world—or worse, the beginning of a real-life movie starring Will Smith: It was just nature. The giant cumulonimbus—which spanned several miles—was accompanied by lightning, swallowing up the capital's skyline for an hour, according to the Daily Mail. Photographers and videographers captured images of Thursday's ominous-looking formation, which "gradually took the shape of an atomic bomb."

Two weeks ago a weird yellow haze formed in the Chinese city of Wuhan, too. Here is a pic of the mushroom cloud. That is one scary cloud! And the lightning, too!

Did you notice that many of headlines these days refer to the apocalypse?

Apocalypse-like hailstorm in Dallas
Election Apocalypse: Greeks hoard canned food
Drachmageddon? Middle-class poverty. Feral gangs. Neo-Nazis. Athens waits for the volcano to explode
Zombie Apocalypse: Bath Salts Emergency Calls Increase Dramatically in Indiana
Apocalypse now, but we just carry on regardless

'Drachmageddon"... "Election Apocalypse", "Apocalypse-like hailstorm.." etc. ... Yet here is an irony--

Young people's belief in God, Judgment Day plummets
"Pew asked respondents in the poll to agree or disagree with the statement: “I never doubted the existence of God.”Sixty-eight percent of those in the Millennial Generation agreed, a figure that has dropped 15 percent in the past five years. Eighty-three percent of under-30 respondents in 2007 said they had never doubted God’s existence. The figures perhaps reflect the increasing boldness of atheist authors and philosophers in public debate, or perhaps the less-than-stellar behavior of prelates who proclaim God’s word. Pew laid out a second statement in its poll: “We all will be called before God at the Judgment Day to answer for our sins.” The Millennial Generation is likewise showing doubt of Judgment Day: 67 percent agreed with the statement, down from 74 percent in 2007."

That's what I mean when I say 'irony'- that though fewer people say they don't believe in apocalypse, more and more the secular world is talking about it.


  1. Maybe this is a silly question, but are these clouds considered unusual?? They look like typical summer thunderstorm clouds to me. I could send you at least half a dozen photos I've taken of this kind of cloud, just in one month! I've watched them grow my whole life and absolutely love them - even though I know that underneath there is often great distruction due to hail, flooding and often tornados. The are beautiful and amazing to watch form. After dark, the light shows beat anything man can do with lasers.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      These kind of clouds are normal. I do not know if they are normal *for that area* though.

      What I found interesting was not so much that there was a cloud. I found interesting the population's response to it. People panicked, thinking "an Armageddon-like event was underway." People understand that though clouds are normal, these days are not normal and that any catastrophe could-and probably will- happen at any time. It is an indicator of how spooked the world is getting

  2. Photographers and videographers captured images of Thursday's ominous-looking formation, which "gradually took the shape of an atomic bomb." ' No, it took the shape of a mushroom cloud. Bombs aren't shaped like that.

    1. An atomic bomb cloud doesn't really look like a mushroom, either. The atomic bomb's distinctive feature in real life and as it is described is of a mushroom cloud.

      The photos show a cloud evolving over the city which took on more features of the atomic feature of mushroom. It didn't look exactly like an atomic bomb's cloud, you're right, but the point is that the people thought it the Chinese cloud looked like one.


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