Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ominous headlines this morning

My what a morning. We are on the cusp, so many things converging, all in the air, none landed, holding our breath, in suspended animation...
  • Sandusky on suicide watch
  • Egypt braces [for election results]
  • Islamist president or army rule?
  • IDF Update: Fire from Gaza won't stop: 3 more rockets hit southern Israel. Over 150 rockets during the last week endangering over 1mill lives
  • Today's 22 rockets bring the total number of rockets fired into Israel over the past six days to 150. We pray for an end to the violence.
  • Turkey Calls for NATO Mtg Over Syria Attack on Jet
  • Tropical Storm Debby continuing to move slowly northward and is expected to strengthen - National Hurricane Center
  • Turkey files official protest to Syria about shooting down of plane in international airspace - @AP
  • Stop asking for more help, Germany tells Greece
  • Oil platforms evacuated


  1. Watching...waiting...praying with you!

  2. And the Western part of the US is on fire.


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