Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our fragile electrical grid

I wrote a piece on June 1 regarding societal collapse. You can read the entire piece here. In it, I mentioned the work of former Soviet Republic citizen Dmitry Orlov, who witnessed the collapse of that society and the breakup of the Republic of Soviet Socialist States, and emigrated to the US, where he has written about it happening here too. He is an astute observer. I have been reading him for about five years. His Five Stages of Collapse article is highly relevant in putting the current collapse in perspective. He updated it this week, in a piece titled "Fragility and Collapse: Slowly at first, then all at once". I recommend both the pieces I've linked to.

In the fragility article, Orlov posted a graph. I was startled by it. Here it is:

No matter how many times I write about prophetic infrastructure and actual infrastructure, and God stripping away man's achievements to expose our folly to worship them, our need for total reliance on Him, it is still striking when you see it graphically put.

Orlov was right to explore the nation of societal "fragility." He is coming at it from a sociological perspective and I am from a Christian perspective, but the fragility our civilization is seen when the thin veneer is so easily taken away. We are really not as advanced as we think we are.


  1. In 1998 we had an ice storm in Maine and I saw people came unraveled over not having electricity for a few days or their cable went out. Most people are very unprepared and I am not just talking about being a prepper either.

    1. I lived in Maine in '98. I remember the Ice Storm. LOL, though my husband and I were lucky to be vacationing in FL for that month, we had a housesitter in our house in Maine and she was petrified. Frozen limbs kept smashing down...none hit the house, thankfully. Our place had a wood stove and three cords of wood laid up, propane heat, propane stove and propane fridge, plus access to water in the lake we lived on. Even at that it was difficult going. The power was out in our area for two weeks. Life came to a halt.


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