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I've always been interested in the combination of form and function. This series of "Ecclesiastical Architecture" from The Christian Pundit explores form and function between theology and architecture. Each essay is just the right length, enough to give meat but not too long or involved. Interesting stuff.
My friend sings here, by JAdams 2007
1. The Buildings
2. The Pulpit
3. The Sacraments
4. The Baptism font/pool
5. The Music
6. The Lighting
7. The Pews

Charles Spurgeon's thought for the day, June 1: God's Promise Keeps Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. (Ecclesiastes 11:1)

"We must not expect to see an immediate reward for all the good we do; nor must we always confine our efforts to places and persons which seem likely to yield us a recompense for our labors. The Egyptian casts his seed upon the waters of the Nile, where it might seem a sheer waste of corn. But in due time the flood subsides, the rice or other grain sinks into the fertile mud, and rapidly a harvest is produced. Let us today do good to the unthankful and the evil. Let us teach the careless and the obstinate. Unlikely waters may cover hopeful soil. Nowhere shall our labor be in vain in the Lord."

"It is ours to cast our bread upon the waters; it remains with God to fulfill the promise "Thou shalt find it." He will not let His promise fail. His good word which we have spoken shall live, shall be found, shall be found by us, Perhaps not just yet, but some day we shall reap what we have sown. We must exercise our patience, or perhaps the Lord may exercise it. "After many days," says the Scripture, and in many instances those days run into months and years, and yet the Word stands true. God's promise will keep; let us mind that we keep the precept and keep it this day."

Hank Hanegraaff answers the question "How can I show the atheists proof of God's existence?", in 3 minutes.

Looking to pretty up your twitter background, blog, or website? Here is Free Christian art. Twitter backgrounds, inspirational art, and stock photos. For free. Did I say it's free?

At His Channel you can watch video of many Christian pastors and teachers on demand, for free. Some include Hal Lindsey Report, Turning Point with David Jeremiah, Adrian Rogers Love Worth Finding, Grace to You with John MacArthur, and Kay Arthur's Precepts for Life.

Lots and lots of links to good resources on the topic of Spiritual Abuse from Pure Provender.

It's summer. Don't forget sunblock


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for all the wonderful links, I will be checking them out.

    I seriously love this cartoon!!


    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I love the cartoon too. It's got all of life's foibles captured in one image :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Checking these out~Thanks!
    ~God Bless~Lisa

  3. Good stuff : )

    But why did you link to an article by Hank Hanegraaff?

    You are so anti-Beth Moore, and Jentzen Franklin. You have written multiple articles about their false beliefs. And yet they have more in common with your beliefs than the "Bible Answer Man."

    This is your blog. I like it. And you can write about what you want. I just thought it was weird since Hank is so condescending to people that believe in the rapture and all.

    Anyways, God bless you!!!!!

    1. I haven't done a study on him. For the article I wrote, I listened to that answer in Hank's Q&A, which I liked, plus three others on his website, which I found no issue with. I read two essays on his site. I read the 'beliefs section' on his webpage. He answers questions as quickly and thoroughly, based on scripture and encourages others to research for themselves. I read the Wiki entry on him and read the statements on his web site. I found no biblical issue in that short search. If he is condescending to people about the rapture then it sounds like a personality issue, not a theological one.

      If there are theological issues, then let's discuss them. What are they?

  4. I am sorry! I totally thought you knew that he was a hardcore preterist!!! My bad!!!

    Here are some articles discussing some of the claims he makes in his book "The Apocalypse Code." He basically implies that anyone who believes in the rapture has no understanding of the Bible and they get their theology from the "Left Behind" series. He believes that end time prophesies and the "anti-Christ" and all that was fulfilled in AD 70 by the destruction of Jerusalem and Caesar Nero. He even wrote his own fiction book about the end days, as a refutation of the Left Behind books, it is called "The Last Disciple."

    He believes that the church has replaced Israel and that Israel is the "whore of Babylon" and should not have the land that was promised to Abraham in Genesis 15, because they rejected Jesus.

    Norman Geisler on Hank Hanegraaff's "Apocalypse Code"

    Thomas Ice on Hank Hanegraaff's "Apocalypse Code"

    When it comes to the basics of the gospel, Hank is fine. But his preterist beliefs have led many Christians into the apathy and confusion that characterizes much of the faith in these last days. According to him, there is no agenda for a one world (luciferian) government, world peace is coming, any man who unites the world in peace is fine, there will be no tribulation (that already happened), and there is nothing prophetic at all going on right now!!! My friend read his book and now is all confused about the Bible. He thinks we are not only crazy for believing in end times prophesy, but he thinks that we are just not smart enough to understand Hank, and we just follow what fiction books tell us. Because of course, Hank IS "THE BIBLE ANSWER MAN."

    Anyways, glad to share this with you. Even though preterism isn't total and complete cult beliefs, I figured that since your whole blog is about the end times prophesies being fulfilled that you would probably want to steer clear of a teacher that mocks everything you stand for.

    May God bless you as you continue to share the truth.

    1. Thank you for the update. I'm sorry Mr Hanegraaff is a preterist. He will be pleasantly surprised. :)

      I take the view that Dr John MacArthur expressed in an interview out today--
      Q. "You have ministered alongside Dr. Sproul at conferences for many years in spite of differences on issues such as baptism and eschatology. How would you respond to Christians who believe that disagreement on these doctrines precludes any such cooperation?"

      A. Obviously, the things we agree on are far greater in number and infinitely more important than the things we might disagree on. When it comes to foundational matters and the core truths of the gospel, R. C. and I are in complete agreement. The drive-train of authentic Christianity consists of vital doctrines such as the nature of God; the fallenness of humanity; the person and work of Christ; the authority and inspiration of Scripture; the way of salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone; the nature of Christ’s atoning work; and all truths of similar import. On all such matters, R. C. and I stand together without wavering or hesitation.

      That’s not to say other doctrines on which we may disagree are basically unimportant. But as long as we agree on things that are essential to the gospel, two believers ought to be able to disagree without anathematizing one another when it comes to secondary issues like the mode or subjects of baptism, the timing of events associated with Christ’s return, or the finer nuances of biblical ecclesiology. "

      More here


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