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US concerned about Israeli strike on Damascus; Turkish jet shot down by Syria?

It's getting serious...Isaiah 17, Isaiah 19, Psalm 83...

-----update #1---------
Some updates as details emerge. Regarding the downed Turkish jet, it is confirmed that Syria shot it down. AP: Office of Turkey's prime minister says Syria has downed a Turkish air force jet." Syria claims the jet was over Syrian territorial waters. Turkey says,


Remember, Turkey has the largest Army in Europe, and the 2nd largest Navy. Turkey has the 2nd largest military in NATO, behind the US.
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-----update #2---------
From Zerohedge, a nice analysis about what this all means and what could happen next. For example, one part:

"The only question remains whether Syria's act was offensive or defensive. Naturally, its version is one of self-defense. Turkey obviously will claim it was in its right to be wherever the plane may be, and will say this was an act of provocation. Then NATO, read Hillary Clinton, will promptly step in, and make this a case in which Turkey was in its right and that Syria committed an act of aggression. From there, things will just escalate..."

-----end update #2---------

US concerned about Israeli strike on Damascus
"U.S. intelligence agencies are closely watching Israel’s military for signs it will conduct strikes on Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons, amid concerns the deadly nerve agents could fall under the control of Hezbollah or al Qaeda terrorists, U.S. officials said. Syria’s arsenal remains vulnerable as the result of the internal conflict currently underway in Syria between government forces and opposition rebels, one official said."

Syria correspondent @AlexanderPageSY reports on Twitter: "CONFIRMED #Qudseya just 6km from presidential palace in #Damascus will face a full force military bombardment in the next 2 days #Syria"

Turkish jet shot down by Syria?
"Military aircraft crashes over Syrian waters after being intercepted by Assad's defense forces, media reports claim; Erdogan convenes emergency meeting with ministers...Turkey said on Friday it had lost contact with one of its military aircraft while it was over the sea off the southeastern coast, and a television station said it had crashed in Syrian territorial waters. Hezbollah's al-Manar television and Pro-Iranian Al-Mayadeen television station, which are both based in Lebanon, reported that the plane was shot down by Syrian defense forces. "Syrian security sources confirmed to a Manar correspondent in Damascus that Syrian defence forces shot down the Turkish fighter jet," the Hezbollah-owned channel said."

Saudi Arabia plans to fund Syria rebel army
"Saudi officials are preparing to pay the salaries of the Free Syria Army as a means of encouraging mass defections from the military and increasing pressure on the Assad regime, the Guardian has learned. The move, which has been discussed between Riyadh and senior officials in the US and Arab world, is believed to be gaining momentum as a recent flush of weapons sent to rebel forces by Saudi Arabia and Qatar starts to make an impact on battlefields in Syria.'

Keep praying and keep looking up.