Word of the Week: Transcendence

What is it? The Atlanticus Sea Slug

It is another of God's amazing creatures! The Glaucus Atlanticus sea slug, says Chicago Now blog: "The Glaucus Atlanticus Sea Slug is as unusual as its appearance suggests - this thing is honestly pretty weird, but we can forgive it since it is so breath-taking.

These creatures are three centimeters long and predominantly colored with silver and blue tints. They are found in tropical waters, specifically those off of the coast of Africa and Australia. (Though they exist predominantly in these locations, they can also be found off of European coasts.)

The Glaucus Atlanticus Sea Slug floats on top of the water by using it's gas filled sac. (Sounds gross, but floating is pretty cool.)

Surprisingly, these tiny slugs actually feed on large, dangerous, poisonous animals; namely the Portuguese Man O' War. Yeah, those are the things that you try to avoid at all costs whenever you go snorkeling in the ocean, because their stings hurt like no other. Here's a quote from Wikipedia that I found... disturbing.

"Consumes the entire organism."

The Glaucus Atlanticus Sea Slug consumes the entire organism. THAT'S INSANE. This animal also steals the poison from the creature it just preyed upon, and then saves that poison as a self-defense mechanism."

And just think, God made this creature and all creatures in 6 days.


  1. That is a pretty amazing creature and very beautiful. Beauty and brains all in one, God YOU are awesome!!

    Thanks Elizabeth this is a pretty cool find.



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