'American Bible Challenge': Where Jesus meets Jeff Foxworthy

Coming in August, a Game Show of Biblical Proportions. Here is the promotional blurb.

"Is America ready to get their Bible lessons from Jeff Foxworthy, king of the redneck joke? It's about to become reality as Game Show Network has released the first look at its original game show "The American Bible Challenge." Game shows have tackled everything from the private lives of newlyweds to deepest fears of average Americans, so offering up the Good Book as the basis for frantic competition and fabulous cash prizes seems like the next logical step. They have rock bands and coffee bars in churches now, so it's not as outlandish as it may seem at first. Foxworthy plays host to two teams as they use their knowledge of Bible trivia to win money for a charity or ministry."

More at link, including promo trailer.

Yeah. Thanks, Emergent Church, for the Rock Bands and Starbucks inside churches thing. Way to Down-Grade.

So what do you think? Interesting way to present the bible to a new audience? Or crass way to commercialize God?


  1. What struck me in the promo blurb was the phrase "Bible trivia" -
    What in the Holy Bible is trivial?
    And if there is something in the Holy Bible that is considered "unimportant" and "trifling", then why would we think discussing such things (even if they do come from the text of Almighty God's Word) might be an interesting way to present the bible to a new audience?
    And then I thought, "With God, all things are possible."


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