Linkapolooza: Alcorn on Prosperity Gospel, volcanoes, the shootin' grampa, Rosenberg's sermon in Haifa, and more

Here are some links for you guys to some good stuff I randomly found.

How the Health and Wealth Gospel Perverts Our View of Evil and Suffering
By Dr. Randy Alcorn

It's a stick up! These robbers didn't expect the elderly patron to shoot! Two robbers holding up patrons of an internet cafe at gunpoint were surprised to be shot at by an elderly man who not only shot them, but chased them out of the store. The robbers were injured, they were also arrested. The incident was captured on live surveillance camera from three angles.

I think it's cool the old duffer was in an internet cafe in the first place.

Joel C. Rosenberg preached a great message in Haifa Israel this past Sunday. Here are his notes.

Sermon in Haifa: “O GOD, In Light of the Growing Threats To Israel, Open Our Eyes

"...Let us pray that the Lord opens the eyes of all Israelis to how much the God of Israel loves them, and what a remarkable plan He has for their lives. Let us pray that the Lord would open the eyes of all Israelis to the truth that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah that we’ve been waiting for, and that when we choose to follow Yeshua and let Him save and rescue us then He will give us the supernatural peace, hope, joy and courage that we so long for...."

Here's a shortie but a goodie from The Christian Pundit,

"American Mansions and Sanctification"
"...We love going through these houses and marveling at how men have taken raw materials from creation, used their gifts to cut, carve, shape and paint, and make something that brings delight: a porch with intricate stone work framing a lovely view; a Durer etching in exactly the right alcove; cut glass that takes sunlight and turns it into thousands of rainbows on a tile floor. But how often do I take the time to delight in the Lord’s work in the souls of His people? ..."

Geologist and volcano expert Erik Klemetti asks, "The Volcanoes of Colombia: More Active or Just More Watched?"

Of those people asking if there are more earthquakes, the USGS says no, there are just more instruments recording them and more population impacted by them. I say this is not the correct answer. Their own quantifiable data clearly shows an increase in seismic activity. Now we wonder the same about volcanoes. It seems to me there are more volcanic explosions lately, does it seem that way to you? Read on to see how Klemetti answers that question with regard to volcano activity in South America.

So many of today's evangelical preachers are falling into apostasy. We need discernment. But if we don't have discernment who do we go to in order to learn discernment? LOL it is a chicken and the egg question. I recommend Justin Peters' "A Call for Discernment". His three part series is on Youtube.

1. A Call for Discernment Session 1 - Dangerous Doctrine
2. A Call for Discernment Session 2 - Mangled Manifestations
3. A Call for Discernment Session 3 - The Hurt of Healing

Some of the old guys of the faith sure knew their stuff. If you're not sure about today's skinny jeans wearing, sex-talking hipster preachers, then check out some of the fathers of the faith like AW Pink. Here is one quote:

"Afflictions are light when compared with what we really deserve. They are light when compared with the sufferings of the Lord Jesus. But perhaps their real lightness is best seen by comparing them with the weight of glory which is awaiting us." —Arthur W. Pink

The Lord is good and kind, He is also Judge and there is no jury. We preach the full counsel of God here because of the simple reason He delivered it to us. Thank you Jesus!