Newfoundland and Labrador experience unusual 4.4 quake

Newfoundland and Labrador shaken with unusual 4.4 magnitude earthquake
"HAPPY VALLEY-GOOSE BAY, N.L. - Newfoundland and Labrador was hit with a 4.4 magnitude earthquake Sunday morning. A seismologist with Natural Resources Canada says the magnitude isn't large enough to cause destruction, but it is significantly more than most earthquakes in the region. He says the earthquake hit around 8:13 a.m. local time along the Quebec-Labrador border, just south of Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Those in the immediate vicinity felt very strong shaking. Miners in Labrador City said the earthquake felt like a regular mine blast. Natural Resources Canada says the last time an earthquake of this size hit the province was 50 years ago.' "

USGS source
Newfoundland and Labrador have had numerous small quakes, but one of that size is unusual. "While earthquake activity isn't unusual for this particular region of Labrador, Department of Natural Resources Seismologist Stephen Halchuk says a tremor that size hasn't been recorded in 50 years."