UPDATED. Fireball over UK: "something" broke up...

As I was headed ot bed last night, the last piece of news I saw coming across theinternet, was that an enormous fireball was seen over the UK, mostly Ireland. Twitte rlit up with it and no one was quite sure what it was. Man-made space debris was suspected, but it was also possible that it was debris from a natural astronomical event, too. I'd posted the first news article about it, but there were not too many facts, just a reporting that it had happened:

From Universe Today-

Fireball Meteor or Re-Entering Satellite? “Something” Broke Up Over the UK on Friday
"Twitter is all abuzz with sightings of a huge fireball meteor that streaked across the skies Friday night at approximately 22:00 UTC. There are reports from Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Central England."

"I’m going to link a bunch of videos so you can check out the event from multiple angles, but I want to make a completely unscientific judgement: it kind of looks like a re-entering spacecraft. Take a look at what the Jules Verne spacecraft looked like when it came back into the Earth’s atmosphere. See how it broke up into all those pieces? And don’t let anyone fool you with this picture. It was taken about 3 years ago in the Netherlands. Phil made a similar observation, but he’s still on the fence. We’ll have to wait for someone official to tell us what it was. Did you see it? Did you get a video? I’ll give you an update as soon as I know anything else."

more at link, plus videos and photos

Then I went to bed and hope that the issue would have more facts surrounding it this morning. I found this article I've posted below. It doesn't answer the questions as to what it was, but it does speak to the unusualness of the event and its magnitude:

Freak fireball lights up Irish skies
"A massive fireball was seen right across Ireland last night which may be “one of the best ever seen” in Europe and was a “huge event”, according to Astronomy Ireland. The trail of fragments passed across the sky at about 10.55pm with sightings reported from Dublin, to Donegal, Cork, Sligo, Carlow, Longford, Antrim and across the UK and as far as the Netherlands. It was “very unusual to see it in multiple countries,” David Moore of Astronomy Ireland said. “I've never seen one fragmented like that and streaked across sky,” he said. The fireball exploded into fragments, passed below the plough and all the way to the horizon. Mr Moore said the cause of the fireball was not yet clear. “It's a piece of space debris, but whether it's manmade or natural is not known,” he said. He said it was too slow for natural debris and was going the wrong direction for manmade debris. “It's probably a space rock that has skidded across the atmosphere”. Witnesses described a trail of seven to 12 fireballs in a straight line across the sky. No sound was to be heard either by witnesses in the city or the countryside."

Fireballs (meteors, bolides, meteorites) are not unusual. The fact that one was seen, by itself, is not an indicator of the end times. But notice the language in the article.

--best ever (there's that superlative language again)
--never before seen

The signs and warnings and events the Lord is sending are a process. He chose the process of childbirth as the metaphor. Like the plagues He sent to Pharaoh that increased in intensity and impact, so are the signs of the end times. We have been in the end times since Jesus ascended in a cloud, and will end when He returns in like manner. However, the end of the end times, like the end of pregnancy, is more uncomfortable as each day goes on, and when the water breaks and childbirth actually begins, it gets painful and bloody real fast. My opinion is that the rapture will be like the water breaking.

The signs that He sends during the end time swell in an upsurge from a natural occurrence to an unnatural occurrence over the course of the process. By 'natural' I mean either able to be withstood or able to be explained in man's thinking and philosophy or science. Because all the events, weather, and earth happenings are all from God, technically nothing is "natural." Anyway, more and more frequently these days we encounter an event which science cannot explain, which are out of bounds of normal thresholds of rationality or pattern, and are increasingly unable to be withstood. In other words, the pain factor is increasing while at the same time the ability to explain the pain is absent.

Keep your eyes open for superlative language in news reports. A superlative is "Of the highest order, quality, or degree; surpassing or superior to all others." Each day we read something happened that was the worst ever, most daring, strangest, biggest, highest, ...until the next day when something happens and that event becomes the worst ever, most daring, strangest, biggest, highest ... Every day the news tops itself.

Was this the most unusual fireball ever? Breaking into the most pieces? Displaying the most colors? Being the most visible across the most countries? Maybe. Until the next one comes along. And because it is the end of the end times, we won't have long to wait until this fireball is surpassed in all aspects by another.


  1. Hi. Didn't the U.S. just launch another space shuttle? A friend of mine has been making multiple posts that I haven't cared to pay much attention to as I am appalled by the space shuttle programs, I think they are such huge wastes of money that would be better spent helping sick and hungry people, but what I did take a moment to see, that was the impression I got. Also, and I could be wrong, but I thought there were parts that end up falling off the shuttle after it reaches a certain height in the atmosphere, so is it possible that's what was seen falling in the sky?


    1. On 9/13 the US launched the Atlas-5 rocket (with a clandestine prime payload). The launch was a success.

      It is hard to see all the money going toward a Mars Rover and space exploration, and the egregious amount of money spent to build CERN and smash atoms under the Alps...when there are sick and hungry people here on earth. Scientists say that these advances translate down the road to betterment of man's condition on earth, in the form of new medicines, or new understandings of the interplay between space and earth (space weather-flares, and CMEs and how they affect earth) GPS, and of course we get the TV satellites ... so we can watch American Idol. Oy.

  2. Thanks, so I'm still thinking perhaps it was debris from the shuttle. It does look to me at least, more like a man made object falling through the sky, rather than a meteorite, from what I've seen before of identified meteorites.

    And consider I know that God has all knowledge, and reveals to us whatever knowledge there is for us He wants us to know, including that to do with medical/medicine, and the fact that our destiny is already determined, I really do see such things as space exploration, as well as that CERN contraption, to be just such enormous selfish, prideful, wastes of money. Men, who don't trust in God, who don't look to Him for answers, and to know our future, through His Word. I don't believe we're going to find some planet like earth to inhabit, or that there are things so worth while to find. I believe God made this earth big enough, and just the way it needed to be, to sustain all life from beginning, until it's end as we know it now. There may be some part of earth where people live that are crowded, but there is still so much earth uninhabited. As far as I know, in all the years since they've been going to outer space, I haven't seen such huge cures for the major illnesses, like Cancer, or Aids. Nor do they even have any planet discovered within our reach, to populate. So it's just such a selfish foolish endeavor to me. It truly makes me sick, to know of the sick and hungry people dying daily, that the money used on such programs, could have been used to save those people. I don't believe God approves either. I'm sure He too is thinking how foolish man is, to feel so compelled to seek out something he doesn't know, at the price of helping his fellow man around him.

    As far as gps, let me share something with you. Not sure if you've used it, I personally haven't, not having a car of my own, but I have family who do, and they've told me many times of how inaccurate the gps works. It's directed to dead end streets, to empty lots, it's taken directed to go the opposite direction they wanted to go and it wasn't until going so far in the opposite direction and coming across a street sign, that they realized. I even remember a trip I took with family. My brother in law was driving, using gps. I was using a paper map. His gps told him to go one way, the map indicated we needed to take a different road, which I said, not that I was listened to, because apparently gps is superior, ha! Well, turns out, the gps was wrong, and it ended up leading to us in a circle, back around to where we started, wasting an hour of our time! And it's not just human error either, because you punch in your destination, so why it doesn't work properly, if it's guided by satellites, is a mystery to me. I'm older, and more old school, I think good old paper maps are much more reliable and easier to follow. :)



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