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Major Earthquake in Columbia, how many earthquakes have we had this year so far?

Here is some information regarding earthquakes. The year is not over so we cannot compare this year to previous years...unless we compare the exact same time frame, January 1 to Sept 30, which is what I did.

What did the data reveal? How is the number of earthquakes running so far this year, compared to previous years? How is the number running, compared to annual averages by United States Geological Survey? (USGS gives annual averages from Jan-Dec., so the time frame is not exact but you can get an idea of the running total to see if this year is under, the same as, or over expected number of quakes.)

This first chart is the major magnitudes and the annual number of each magnitude of quake, from Jan 1 to Dec 30 for each year, USGS source.

This next chart is one I generated by using USGS search engine to find total of quakes between January 1-Sept 30. I highlighted in red the years where each magnitude of quake exceeded the annual average by Sept 30.

This chart is straight from USGS (though I cropped off the lesser magnitudes). Click to enlarge.

As for quakes in diverse places, there were two just north of Dallas Texas which rattled windows, and nerves. The magnitude was 3.4 with a 3.1 aftershock.

A 7.3 occurred in Columbia today, which was a very strong one, but so far thankfully no deaths are reported. Here is a news story about it, but the current reporting of the magnitude is 7.1 which is wrong. Initially USGS posted the magnitude of the Colombian quake at 7.4. Then USGS downgraded it to 7.1, and that is where most news reports came in. But then USGS upped the magnitude again to 7.3, where it is currently staying.

The other strong quakes this week were:
6.2 at the Gulf of California
6.4 at Andreanof Islands, Alaska
6.0 Solomon Islands

There have been 167 quakes of small size at or just north of the Virgin Islands. They all range roughly from 2.5 to 3.5 in magnitude.

Jesus said, as a sign of His soon return, "There will be famines and earthquakes in various places." (Matthew 24:7b). Not every quake by itself is an indicator of His soon return. However, the totality of the signs He told us would be present is a better barometer of the times. Israel being in the land existing as its own nation is sign number one, given the focus of God upon Israel as the major eschatological component.

However also included but not limited to the signs on the list are earthquakes, famines, diseases, false teaching, false prophets, and sin rising to levels that make the times absolutely perilous.

God either causes or allows each and every thing to happen on this earth, and if an earthquake has occurred, it is of God and from God, as part of His plan in some way. In other words, He is speaking. Are we listening?


  1. but the thing is though you think people are more "sinful" today but tell me how do you know people didnt just hide their sin behind closed doors in the past,(they did, ive studied such things, people in the 1950s where alot more "sinful" then you would think)you dont notice something, it does not mean its not there...

    1. Are you saying you do not believe the times in 2012 are any more or less dangerous to a person than in the 1950s? That the level of sin, crime, or harm is about the same?

  2. well when you are an asian person it is a lot more safer to be living in 2012 than 1950! But if the rapture was to happen solely based on the amount of crime, it should have happen in the 1980s

    1. The rapture is not based solely on crime.

      If you are an Asian living in an area hazardous to Asians, I'm sorry.

      As I have said, the totality of the signs He said to watch for His coming are evident.


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