Word of the Week: Transcendence

Muslim protesters, in the religion of peace, shout "Behead all those who insult the prophet" in Sydney

Protests in Sydney, Australia today--from adherents of the so-called "religion of peace".

"Eight people were arrested and six officers were injured after a protest swept through the Sydney CBD this afternoon. Police said that, about 1pm today, a group marched from Sydney Town Hall to Martin Place, where a confrontation occurred between protesters and police outside a building housing the US consulate."

"The protests were [allegedly] triggered by a US film, Innocence of Muslims, portraying the prophet Muhammad as a womaniser and paedophile."

Muhammad IS a womanizer and a pedophile. He married Aisha at age 6 and consummated his marriage with her at her age 9. This fact is recorded in the traditional hadiths, and published according to traditional Muslim sources.

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Conservative blogger Pamela Geller on Fox and Friends this morning explains how Barack Obama is sanctioning the motive behind the murderous Muslim riots by trying to silence the Muhammad filmmakers.  Geller said of the issue: "You cannot ask me to sacrifice my freedom so as not to offend savages." (source) Good video here

In Obama's response, he said "...We reject efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others..."

Obama, this is not religious belief. It is murderous rage.

The anti-American protests are spreading. Over 20 nations now have had protesters doing violence because of the film Innocence of Muslims. There are reports of the protest in Sydney, and in China. The NY Times has a map, this link takes you there. It was last updated yesterday though but is still helpful.

Here is another link that was updated 14 minutes ago, from USA Today. It ends this way: "About 1,500 protest in the eastern Afghanistan city of Jalalabad, shouting "Death to America" "

I think the big crack in the dam was 9/11/01, and the breaking of the dam was the killings at the US Embassies earlier in the week. We have since seen the rage spread to 20+ nations. Sudan just rejected a US request to allow US Marines to enter the country so as to protect US facilities and personnel there.

In my opinion I don't see the rage calming down any time soon. This is an age of sin, hatred, anger and apostasy. Day by day, things are NOT going to get better. Just be prepared for that, Brethren. But the promises of Jesus are true and solid. No matter what we endure on earth in the coming days, they are but a whisper and a vapor compared to the riches of His glory. (Romans 9:23).