Loud boom/explosion in north Louisiana, shakes homes, breaks windows

UPDATE: The officials at the local base, Camp Minden, say that the explosion was caused by a bunker  exploding. They don't know why the bunker exploded. They reassured residents that it was a "contained" explosion though. So there's that.

In the wee hours of the morning, a loud explosion or boom was heard in northern Louisiana.
Last night KSLA 12 reported a huge boom. The boom or explosion shook homes and broke windows across a large swathe of the northern part of the state. Officials are investigating but are not sure what the shaking boom was from or why it happened. KSLA reported:

"1:15 a.m. Update: Webster Parish Sheriff Gary Sexton tells us they "definitely had something happen" in Webster Parish Monday night. Sheriff Sexton confirms all of the explosion manufacturing facilities and natural gas facilities in Webster Parish have been ruled out as the source. Sheriff Sexton adds that there is a "possibility that a meteor did hit the ground" in the area, but deputies have not pinpointed an exact location. He does suspect it happened in a secluded area between Minden and Dixie Inn. Sheriff Sexton said, first thing Tuesday morning, he will dispatch helicopters in the air to look for any damage."

"KSLA News 12 viewer Shana Levick tells us she was driving on I-20 by Dixie Inn when she saw the sky light up a bright orange color. She said she could see what appeared to be small fire sparks above the tree lines. Another witness near Dixie Inn told KSLA News 12 photographer Cody Jennings that he saw something flash across the sky streaming from the west or southwest direction. That witness also reported seeing a bright flash that lasted for a while. Authorities are investigating a loud boom that shook homes across Northwest Louisiana Monday night."

"We are getting reports that people heard an explosion just before 11:30 p.m. from areas including: Minden, Doyline, Haughton, South Bossier and Shreveport. Callers are also reporting seeing a bright light flash in the sky when they heard the boom. Officials with the Webster Parish Sheriff's Office tell us they have crews searching for the source of the noise."
The Shreveport Times reported,
UPDATED: Something shakes northwest La.
"Northwest Louisiana authorities are investigating the source of whatever shook people's residences and businesses about 11:40 p.m. Monday. The Webster sheriff's office now is entertaining the possibility that it may have been a meteorite, possibly in the Dixie Inn area. There have been a large number of reports stating that they saw something come down instead of something blow up, a spokesman said. ... helicopters are expected to be in the air this morning to survey the area along U.S. 80 and Interstate 20 for the cause of what caused the ground to shake. Reports of the shaking came in from Lake Bistineau, Springhill, Sibley and Barksdale Air Force Base."
The explosion is at the north near Shreveport and the sinkhole/collapsing butane cavern in Bayou Corne, Assumption Parish is at the south.

Truly interesting times...I'll find out more as the day goes on and post any new facts later.