Deer attacks man.Turkeys attack woman. Stink badger attacks in Borneo. It's chaos I tell ya

Forget about rise of the's rise of the animals, lol

Deer attacks two men in their front yard, and injures five police officers AFTER it is tased
Article has video. Impressive dents in the guys' truck. Happened in TX.

"Joseph Rose and Cole Kellis were leaving their home in Whitehouse on Friday morning when they noticed a deer in their front yard. Rose approached the deer and he says the deer seemed friendly. But then Kellis and Rose say the deer then charged them and started to attack. Rose and Kellis ran to Rose's pick-up truck to try to get away from the wild buck. The deer then "poked" Rose in his ribs, so Rose jumped out of his truck into the back-bed. Rose says he left his driver-side door open and the deer climbed in and took his pack of cigarettes that were sitting in his center console. The deer starting eating Rose's smokes, and when Rose tried to get them back, Rose says the deer got more aggressive. They then had to call Whitehouse police and the Game Warden. When police arrived they had to tase the deer and then Rose says it took more than 5 men to restrain the buck. KETK spoke to Smith County Game Warden, Dustin Dockery, and he says, "Admire deer from a distance but do not approach them because they can be dangerous."

He tried to get his cigarettes back? Dude, know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em...

Complaints About Turkey Attacks On The Rise In Brookline, MA
"Neighbors are on the offensive in Brookline after what some residents are describing as aggressive turkeys. “They were attacking the vehicle,” Karen Halvorson said outside her home in the Aspinwall Hill neighborhood. After getting in her truck, a neighbor came and ran the birds off but it didn’t stop there. “Then, the turkeys came and started attacking my front door,” she said." A second run-in came a few weeks ago as she walked nearby. “I looked back and three of them charged me,” she explained. She moved to the center of the street to avoid the animals, but it wasn’t enough. “The turkey flew in my face and scratched my neck,” she said. Halvorson refuses to give up her walks so she has taken precautions. Complaints to Brookline Police about wild turkeys have doubled in the past two months."

Good for her she refuses to give up her walks. Give a turkey and inch and he'll gobble a mile.

In this story of animal attack from the other side of the world...the wild jungles of Borneo, we read

Villagers mystified by strange animal Villagers mystified by strange animal 
"An Indonesian plantation worker and a 75-year-old farmer got the shock of their lives when they were attacked by an unknown animal species in two separate occasions earlier this month. The farmer, Aris Kuna of Kampung Paon Gahat, was attacked by the rare animal while attending to his pepper garden about noon. The foreigner was attacked a week later at a plantation near Kpg Baing while gathering oil palm fresh fruit bunches... The animal that attacked the duo was described as having a "bear and wild boar" resemblance. Fellow workers and villagers who saw the carcass, brought by the Indonesian, could not identify the animal species. “In all my life venturing into the jungle, hunting and such, I’ve never come across this species,” 62-year-old Louis Nyaoi said."

"The farmer said that the animal made a strange sound and rushed toward him, at one point standing on its hind legs. The reign of terror—or at least consternation—ended when the farmer, holding a sickle, promptly sliced the creature up. The animal was described as about two feet long, with a long, pig-like snout and long, sharp claws. It also gave off a horrible odor that got much worse after death. "

But Discovery scientists in this debunking article said it was likely a stink badger. Whether a mystery Bornean chupacabra or jungle stink badger, the sickle slices and dices handily. Don't leave home without it. Operators are standing by.