Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mt. Tongariro erupts

This is the second eruption for the volcano since 1896. It is located in the central north Island of New Zealand
TV New Zealand reports:
GNS Science has reported that Mount Tongariro has erupted. The eruption was captured on the Te Maari Crater camera at around 1.25pm this afternoon. An operation is underway to get people off the Tongariro Crossing. Volcanologists have advised that the Volcanic Alert is now Level 2. Brent Guy from the Department of Conservation told ONE News that the eruption was small. Guy said it appears to be a gas eruption. The Aviation Colour Code is now red, meaning that a significant amount of gas has been emmitted into the atmosphere."

In other restless earth news, there was a 3.6 quake in Illinois, 128 miles from St. Louis MO.

The Pacific NW of the United States is enduring a terrible rainstorm. It has been going on for days and is predicted to continue through Thanksgiving. It has sparked landslides. Reuters reports that it is record rain and the winds have reached hurricane force.

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