Update to earthquake post: major quakes keep coming

On November 11, I posted an essay remarking on the frequency of major earthquakes since the election in the United States. I am not saying that the US drives prophecy. We are a puny nation in the scheme of things. I personally believe that the election went the way the LORD wanted it to go. He raises up kings and deposes kings. (Daniel 2:21). That Obama re-elected  means we as a nation were allowed to pursue unrighteousness, and are in fact under judgment (Romans 1).

But sin has consequences. Our national sin is great, as is most nations' at this apostate and sinful time of the end. God shakes nations to get their attention.

According to the United States Geological Survey, a major quake is listed at anything above 6.0. They list these quakes in red on their earthquake page.

I'd noted that each year since 2009, the annual average expected for earthquakes in each category of magnitude from 5.0 to 9.0 had been exceeded. I can't compare 2012 because the year isn't ended yet- but I did look at the running total to see where we stood.

8.0-9.9 : 2
7.0-7.9 : 12
6.0-6.9 : 102
5.0-5.9 : 1336
The red means that category has exceeded USGS standard annual number for that magnitude quake in a year. The annual average number of quakes in the 6.0 range per year is 134. For the 7.0 range it is 15.

Of the 6.0-6.9 magnitudes, I'd said,

"Anyone have an idea that the two categories that haven't met or exceeded the USGS annual average will be making up for lost time in the next few weeks? I do, if the last couple of days are any indication."

And that has proved to be true.

I left off in the essay of Nov. 11 with the 6.5 in Offshore Guatemala. Since then, there have been six more:

Nov. 12: 6.4 GULF OF ALASKA
Nov. 14: 6.1 COQUIMBO, CHILE
Nov. 16: 6.4 KURIL ISLANDS
Nov. 17: 6.1 TONGA REGION

Bringing the total to 108 major quakes in the 6.0-6.0 range. Each day in the last 12 days (except for the 9th) there has been a major quake of 6.0 magnitude or higher.

I just wanted to  update the quake list, as something to do that involves facts and numbers to get my mind off the suffering of Israel right now. And also because I think it is pretty interesting. I do not think we will end the year without meeting or exceeding the earthquake averages once again. That would make 4 years in a row that there have been more earthquakes in every category, and eleven years of exceeding the USGS average number of earthquakes per year in at least one category.