Snowpocalypse Russia: Snow 'tsunami' swallows streets, cars, buildings

Another example of extreme weather gone wild in the last days. Yes, I know it's winter. Yes I know it's snowy Russia. But take note of the word in the lede- 'unprecedented."

From Russia Today:
"Unrelenting snowfalls have caused unprecedented travel chaos in Russia. Over the past week the country has seen scores of traffic accidents, flight delays, and in some cases, the complete isolation of some remote settlements and towns."

"As more than 10 inches of snow fell in Moscow – more than half of the average snowfall for the whole of January – the already congested city is on the verge of a traffic collapse. Traffic measuring portal Yandex reported Grade 10 (out of 10) jams on Friday, as strong winds created blizzard conditions and built imposing snow drifts. More than 12,000 de-icers and snow sweepers are out on the streets, working around the clock."

More photos and the rest of the story at link above. It's really an incredible amount of snow! Amazing photos!

CNN reports, "Survey: One in three Americans see extreme weather as a sign of biblical end times"
"Thirty-six percent of Americans say that the severity of recent natural disasters indicate that we are at the precipice of Jesus’ second coming and the end of the world, according to the survey, released by Public Religion Research Institute."

God is in charge, all ways, all the time.

"For he saith to the snow, Be thou on the earth..." (Job 37:6)

"Praise the Lord from the earth, you great sea creatures and all deeps, fire and hail, snow and mist, stormy wind fulfilling his word!" (Psalm 148:7-8)

My opinion is that this snow in Russia is a demonstration of both His power and His restraint. God is in charge of the world, He is powerful. God could inundate the world with snow if he wanted to (as He did in the flood with water.) But that He doesn't yet is a demonstration of His restraint.

His restraint will come to an end, and at some point after the rapture, He will release His wrath and fury. Please repent now, repent, ask Him to forgive your sins and believe on Him as resurrected Savior. And then to you O saved one, when the wrath comes, He would say--

"Come, my people, enter your chambers, and shut your doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until the fury has passed by." (Isaiah 26:20)


  1. Hello Admin,

    Can you tell me where I can find list of recent natural disasters occurring now?

    Help needed!!

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      This interactive map from the Emergency and Disaster Information Service in Budapest, Hungary tracks live all disasters, from biological to chemical to earthquake etc. Clicking on the icon brings up a description of the event and its date. it is the only credible one I've found that tracks most disasters in one place

      I also use the following and find them useful but of course is more piecemeal:
      USGS latest quakes, 7 days

      USGS current volcano alerts

      Latest meteorite news

      Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

      US Weather Service- drought monitoring

      If anyone else has a good and credible website link to share that tracks disasters elsewhere, please do share


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