A note about comments

I don't have a formal comment policy, per se. I figure, just be normal and nice and it will all work out.

However I have had to slightly change several comments recently and I will tell you why. If you choose to comment and leave a link within your comment, several thing are going to happen.

First, I always check out each link. I will not post a comment that has a link to an unscrupulous or otherwise bad website or blog. I have 'Web of Trust" as an add-on. This is a website rating system which makes a color appear at the end of a link. There's dark green, light green, yellow, and red. I won't allow websites with red to go through. If it is any other color, I read the webpage you linked to, or watch the video. If the site being linked to or referred to is doctrinally unsound, I will not put that up. It is a stumbling block to the babes in Christ and I won't be a part of passing along bad information. There is enough bad information out there already without me helping it along.

But sometimes the comment itself is good enough to go thru. It is germane, or it is pointed, or displays a fervor on the part of the person commenting. It didn't have vulgarity or wasn't disrespectful. These comments have a bad link but otherwise would make it through (and usually this is a comment that disagrees with the post). I don't want to delete it all, because I'm sensitive to the fact that someone took time to read, respond, and type. In these cases, I excise the link when I put the comment in.

I don't change any comment or otherwise edit it. In the cases I'm speaking of, I simply take out the hyperlink and leave the rest.

Just wanted you to know.