Geneva bible now available on Bible Gateway

Some of you have asked in the past about the different translations of the bible. There is always ongoing debate as to which translation is the best, and there are always discussions about the translation process.

I use the English Standard Version most often, though I also own a New American Standard bible and a Holman Standard Christian bible. I own a John MacArthur study bible and that one is the ESV so that's the one I tend to use most.

But my favorite is the Geneva bible. In studying about the translations, (I was really trying to figure out what the furor over the KJV was all about), I came across information about the Geneva. It predates the King James by at least 50 years, lol, and is a much better translation.

The only difficulty is that the Geneva isn't one of the selections on or Biblegateway. I downloaded it here (the link also contains the interesting history of the Geneva bible) but it's awkward to get straight to the verse you want.

Now BibleGateway has the Geneva online as one of their selections.

Now on Bible Gateway: the World’s First Study Bible!
"What would you say is the most significant English translation of the Bible? Most of us would probably nominate the King James Bible for that honor—no English Bible can match its profound and ongoing influence on English literature and religion over the last 400 years. But there’s actually an English Bible translation that predates the King James Version by over 50 years, and which has an equally important place in Western Christianity: the Geneva Bible, which we’re pleased to announce has just been added to Bible Gateway’s online library! ... The Geneva Bible can be found in the Bible version drop-down on the Bible Gateway homepage; you can also browse it from our Geneva Bible page. For the best experience, we recommend making sure you have footnotes and cross-references turned on as you read it online—it’s in the footnotes that you’ll find the original study notes that made this Bible so useful to readers."

The essay goes on to explain about the bible and how to access it from their translations drop-down menu. I'm not interested in starting a discussion about the best or most useful translation- I am only offering information about a valuable resource, Biblegateway, which just got even more valuable. Enjoy your research and your perusal of the bible- in whatever translation you choose :)


  1. Hi Elizabeth. This questions has nothing to do with this particular post but I wanted your opinion on something. For a while now I have been receiving daily emails from the family of websites. More recently, I have noticed an increase of articles that seem (are) more charismatic in nature, referring to "gifts" of the spirit. One article came just short of recommending Bill Johnson's book "When Heaven Invades Earth." What's going on with these days? Should I (or would you) unsubscribe and stay away from that family of sites? Also, I work in the business world and have come across writings by Os Hillman from time to time. However after doing a little research I found that he too has a charismatic background/beliefs. Thanks for your honest feedback.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Bill Johnson of Bethel Church, preaches a different Jesus and twists scripture. He maintains that supernatural events happen "all the time" at his church and to his people, such as when feathers fell at meetings and in their homes and restaurants, (and it is really a God thing Johnson maintains, because the bible says 'he will cover you with his feathers, he explained) and more recently 'glory cloud' falls at church, gold dust, where gold dust falls during worship. This 'happens a lot' he said. He has a school of supernatural ministry where you can "learn" to be a prophet or an apostle because it is taught by a prophet or an apostle and they learn to go forth and search out supernatural treasures in the people of the city, etc and other nonsense.

      It is also the church that spawned the band Jesus Culture, which is a cult.

      If you would like more information on Bill Johnson, Erin Benzinger write abut him and Jesus Culture here.

      Brannon Howse spent two parts of his radio ministry World View Weekend this week discussing Jesus Culture from Johnson's Bethel Church

      I'd stay away from any and all things by Bill Johnson. The truth is not properly handled by him

      What is going on, and not just at, but in all of Christianity, is "Charismatic Chaos." This is a movement begun 100 years ago where people decided en masse that the commonly accepted interpretation held for hundreds if not almost 2 thousand years is that the "sign" gifts such as healing, prophecy, and tongues, never ended with the apostles and their first generation designees as the sign they were from God. That don't accept that when the canon closed those gifts went with it because the bible became the sign. The canon is still open, because they say God "speaks" revelation to them all the time and manifests in supernatural signs all the time..

      John MacArthur spoke a wonderful series of messages on the harm this attitude, indeed, now a movement, is doing to the church in a series called Charismatic Chaos. He later turned that into a book.

      GotQuestions writes
      is the Charismatic movement scriptural? We can best answer that question this way: we know that since the creation of mankind Satan’s insidious master plan has been simply to put a veil between God’s children and God’s inerrant Word. It began in the Garden of Eden when the serpent asked Eve, “Did God really say . . .?” (Genesis 3:1), thereby raising doubt as to the authority and authenticity of what God had said. Ever since that day, he continues to attack the inerrancy and sufficiency of the Bible. Without question, we know that Satan has stepped up the pace of this strategy (1 Peter 5:8).

      Today, we are witnessing a growing menace of demonic activity in the realm of the miraculous. Where Satan does not succeed in taking the Bible from us, he works hard at taking us from the Bible. He does this simply by getting Christians to focus their attention on the claims of men and women to some supernatural experience. As a result, those who seek after the experiences of others have neither time nor interest in searching the Scriptures for God’s truth.
      ---end GotQuestions---

      Satan is behind the movement and it is him telling the unwary that it is their own supernatural experience that determines truth, not the bible. You are right to be wary of accepting these 'miracles' as genuine and to ask what is going on.

    2. Here is the sermon series Charismatic Chaos

      here is Brannon Howse's Jesus Culture discussion (he only keeps his shows online for free a few days, then you pay $5. This one is still free, he did the show yesterday-

  2. The Translation of any scripture is really a big issue. And when I go through the Bible and wanna get exact translation of any verse it make me confused. I really thank you for above post which is really helpful.


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