Monday, February 4, 2013

Gospel Grains: barley bread and Alton Brown

In the Tribulation it is said that a day's wages will only buy a loaf of bread. That is, the good, wheat bread. A day's wages will buy three quarts of barley grain, for three loaves.

Revelation 6:6
"And I heard what seemed to be a voice in the midst of the four living creatures, saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius, and do not harm the oil and wine!”

A denarius is about a day's pay, or roughly equivalent to 22 dollars today. You remember that the woman who poured the alabaster box's contents of spikenard onto the feet of Jesus was chastised by Judas for wasting 300 denarii, or a year's pay (Mark 14:5)

The lesser grain was barley, it is why even in the Tribulation you can buy more of it than you can buy wheat grain. The more refined grain was wheat.

Here, Food Network's Alton Brown (who is a Christian & lives in GA) does a short spot as a sermon introduction on the Right from the Heart Ministries web page, a media ministry of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Metro Atlanta. It is called Gospel Grains, and he shows how the women of bible times made barley bread. It is very interesting. As always, I hope it brings to life for you the reality of the people who came before us were not just bible characters, but real men and women who carried the lamp of faith forward to you and I here today.

Gospel Grains - Sermon Intro from Johnson Ferry on Vimeo.


  1. I may have to try this, maybe even all outdoor, dutch-oven like.


    1. The fire pot looked easy to set up, looked like it used little fuel, and the bread looked well cooked. LOL, are you going to grind the grain by hand?

    2. Yup, already have been doing it in making homemade corn muffins. Not quite Jiffy, but with honey, they work. :)

    3. Very cool. Sounds delicious too. Let me know how the outside fire- baking barley bread works.

  2. We read and hear so much of the problems in our nation and around the world, how refreshing to find a video post that is so uplifting, refreshing and just plain nice to watch.

    I bake homemade bread often, thankful mine is not so labor intensive.

    Glad to hear Alton is a believer, always liked him.

    Kudo's to you EP - and thanks.

    1. Hi ali,

      It is a nice little respire, isn't it?!

      He speaks about his faith and how that melds with being in media, here

      At one point, he said, "We'll go to dinner and we'll be sitting around the table and we'll say Grace. You know what? People are going to stare at you. I used to feel really self-conscious. But I've gotten to a point where I think, nah, I'm not going to feel bad about that. I'm not going to apologize about that."

      I can't imagine the pressure he is under working for lengths of time in Godless NY and being an Ambassador for Christ.

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth!!! I always liked Alton and now this even makes that sweeter. I'm going to check out the website, too.


  4. This was just wonderful! I'd like a big chunk of that bread (hot, natch) with some butter melting into it, too!


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