It's shameful to send a woman into battle, Barack

I thought this 30-second clip from Wretched TV was interesting.


  1. BO is doing EVERYTHING in his power to minimize then destroy us and the Godless lefty liberals are walking in blindness and don't see it.

  2. Elizabeth, I think you're wrong on this one. Don't you see how "progressive" it is to send a woman into battle!?? Why, it's our "right" to go to war with men! Who do men think they are anyways? What, are they better than us or, not "equal" with women??

    Sorry, I couldn't keep up the sarcasm anymore! What woman WANTS to go to war!??!? I sure don't! This is just one more thing that blurs the line of the role that men and woman are supposed to play in society. I'm sorry, I'm GLAD that I don't have to go to war. Call me old fashioned but, that's a man's role. I am the mother of three boys and of course I would not want to see them go to war but, it's a fact that men are better suited for it than women. Boys from the time they are born are sooo competitive and they like to rough house and they like to challenge and they have a God given instinct to protect. It would be my job as their mother to cover them with my prayers everyday if that happened. But the battle field is no place for a woman. Period.

    1. Amber, lol! I agree. I like my role as outlined in the bible as a woman. It all worked so much better when men did the man things and the women did the woman things. Especially war.

    2. I guess I am extremely old fashioned and I am truly proud to be! Sorry if this offends anyone, but as an old fashioned woman I believe if women would follow their God ordained duties, our generation would not be so far from God now

  3. Loved the Wretched video. Never thought of that.!!.

    I have both sons and daughters and would not like to see either my sons or my daughters going into battle. I have a grandson who has served in Iraq twice, Afganistan once. It is difficult for all concerned.

    This is just one more BHO blupper - Cannot imagine what condition we will find this nation in come 2016.??.

    Am so grateful our God has everything - including BHO' agenda's under His Sovereign control.

  4. I have looked up the interpretation of this verse on

    King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
    "...the journey that thou takest shall not be for thine honour; for the LORD shall sell Sisera into the hand of a woman. And Deborah arose, and went with Barak to Kedesh."

    The interpretation there is generally that Deborah was a prophetess, and she was the one instructing general Barak to go into battle.
    He doesn't think the outcome will be good, or doesn't believe her, or wants him to go with her for whatever reason.

    She says that she is willing to go with him, however if she did, he would not get the honour for it, and the credit would go to her because she commanded him to fight.

    This example is showing the opposite of what the video portrays. Not only is a woman commanding an army, she is willing to and sees it as acceptable to go with them, but chooses not to because she gives the credit to Barak. At least that's how i see it.

    However this is an isolated case, and i wouldn't want to make a renationalisation which applies to the role of all other women. Deborah has a respected position as a prophetess in her society and may not be participating in the battle, but that is outside the scope of my knowledge.

    1. God was the ultimate authority in ISrael at the time. Therefore that left Deobrah few choices, she was simply delivering the facts to Barak. God said the credit would go to a woman, it was God's message. Deobrah did not choose to hand the credit to Barak

      If Barak had been strong in faith enough to just trust God, Barak would have gotten the credit. As it was, Barak was scared and wanted Deborah, a woman, to accompany him in war. Therefore she said "OK, but you won't get the honor, a woman will." She was saying it's a humiliating and embarrassing thing, not a good thing, that God will hand the credit/honor to a woman. She gets honor, he gets dishonor. Jael, a woman, drove the tent peg into the general's head, finalizing the last victory.

      All credit was given to woman, as a shaming mechanism to the men. A woman going to war would therefore be a rebuke to Barak's timidity. I believe the commenters at biblecc are saying it is not honorable for a woman in war to get glory over a man in war, and therefore Wretched's interpretation would be consistent with the intent of the verses.

      I believe Wretched's interpretation of the Deborah-Barak incident is accurate.


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