Mark Dever on church numbers & growth

Wikipedia- "Mark E. Dever has been the senior pastor of the Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. since 1994, and is the president of 9Marks, a Christian ministry he co-founded "in an effort to build biblically faithful churches in America."

"Dever's main emphasis, as evidenced by 9Marks, is in the realm of ecclesiology. He aims to help Bible-believing churches become healthy by recovering a Biblical view of the church. The 9 marks he provides are his positive prescription for church health. He does not intend the book as a comprehensive ecclesiology or even a comprehensive diagnosis of all the problems that may be found in contemporary churches. The nine marks are:"

"Expositional preaching
Biblical theology
Biblical understanding of the Gospel
Biblical understanding of conversion
Biblical understanding of evangelism
Biblical understanding of membership
Biblical church discipline
Promotion of Christian discipleship and growth
Biblical understanding of church leadership"

I have his book 9Marks of a Healthy Church and it is very good. In this clip, Pastor Dever is in City North Baptist Church in Queensland, Australia speaking about church numbers and church growth. No matter how large or how small your church is, it is the work of the Holy Spirit to send just the right people to it, for the glory of Christ. Man-made plans and programs are a gross interference to His work. It's only 9 minutes, please watch: