Is Israel Hiding a Major Bible Era Find?

I had noted previously that there seemed to have been a LOT of biblical-era finds this month

--Mysterious stone structure at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee
--Rare 2,000-Year-Old Mikveh Uncovered in Jerusalem
--Archaeologists in Iraq find ancient complex near Ur, home of biblical Abraham
--Well-Preserved Wine-Making Facility Found in Southern Israel

The links to each one of those above are at the main link above. Now this from Arutz Sheva / Israel National News, and I'm posting this article in full.
Is the State Hiding a Major Bible Era Find?
Makor Rishon says authorities are keeping lid on what may be a royal castle from David's time.
For unknown reasons, Israeli authorities are keeping lid on an archaeological find that may turn out to be a royal castle from David's time, reports Makor Rishon newspaper.

According to the paper, the site was identified by Binyamin Tropper, of the Kfar Etzion Field School. As he descended into a cave in the area of southern Jerusalem, he identified what professionals know as "a proto-aeolic capital" connected to a column.

The capital – which is the decorated stone at the head of an ancient column – dates back to the Biblical era, according to Field School Director Yaron Rosental. Only 30 such capitals have been found in Israel so far, and only five of them were found in areas in which Biblical-era kings lived.

Unlike all of the other proto-aeolic capitals found in Israel – this one is not separate from the column but connected to it.

"For reasons that are not completely clear," the newspaper writes, "several authorities in Israel have decided to silence the find, which may mark a breakthrough in the perception of the period of King David and his son, Shlomo [Solomon], and of the entire Judean kingdom.

The capital "apparently indicates that an entire temple of castle is buried beneath it," the newspaper adds. However, when Rosental contacted the Israel Antiquities Authority to inform them of the find, the person he spoke to simply said – "Yaron, good for you. You found it, but we already are aware of it. Now forget about the whole thing and keep your mouth shut."

Rosental said that he later found out that the IAA had known about the side for 18 months. He said that no digging has taken place since then, and that even steps like cordoning off the area to prevent damage to the rare find, have not been taken.

Rosental calls this "a scandal" but says that no less worrisome is that the state appears to have plans to move the separation fence between Israel and the PA in a way that will leave the site in the PA's hands,

According to Rosental, excavation of the site has potential for uncovering a complete castle from the Judean kings' period, for the first time ever. "We appear to have a complete castle here," he said. "Those who came after it did not know of its existence." The details found inside could be "amazing."

The IAA confirmed to Makor Rishon that the find is an important one that appears to date to the period of Judean kings. However, the IAA added, the subject is "sensitive" and "requires serious and responsible handing."

The IDF said that it offered the IAA "the full assistance needed" in order to remove the capital and column from the site.
If you can believe it, "there are still, to this day, raging debates between the school of archeologists who claim there was a great Jewish dynasty begun by David and Solomon, and the school that doubts there ever really existed two people by those names," reports the Jewish Press on this archaeological find.

However the Jewish Press also asks this question- "The question is, based on their track record, how respectful would the future owners of the area, the PA [Palestinian Authority], of a site that could prove beyond doubt that it used to belong to a Jewish empire – the very empire the PA officially says never existed."

I think all this is highly interesting. When confronted with truth, they suppress it, not just in their minds but actively on the earth.

From GotQuestions regarding archaeology
"Many secular archaeologists used to say that David was a legendary figure, on par with King Arthur, rather than a historical king. That is, until they found the Tel Dan Stela, a basalt stone dating from the 9th century B.C. bearing David’s name and identifying him as king of Israel. Thus, up until the stela was found, archaeology did not overtly support the Bible’s references to David. But, eventually, it was proved that God’s Word was true all along. David was a real person who was king of Israel, and archaeological naysayers turned out to be wrong.

"Many more archaeological discoveries have substantiated events and people in the Bible. Egypt’s invasion of Israel (1 Kings 14:25); the Assyrian siege of Lachish (2 Kings 18-19); the trade relations between Israel and Sheba (1 Kings 10); the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem; and the reigns of Kings Omri, Ahab, Uzziah, Hezekiah, Ahaz, Jeroboam II, and Jehoiachin (1 and 2 Kings) have all been confirmed by archaeology. And the previously mentioned Dead Sea Scrolls, the discovery of which was one of the most significant of the 20th century, are decisive proof of the reliability of the Bible’s manuscripts."
And this also--
"It is archaeological evidence that provides the best possible physical information on the life and times of the ancients. When proper scientific methods are applied to the excavation of ancient sites, information emerges that gives us a greater understanding of the ancient peoples and their culture and proofs that validate the biblical text. Systematic recordings of these findings, shared with experts worldwide, can give us the most complete information on the lives of those who lived in Bible times. Christian archaeology is just one of the tools scholars can use to present a more complete defense of the biblical narrative and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Often, when sharing our faith, we are asked by non-believers how we know the Bible is true. One of the answers we can give is that, through the work of Christian archaeologists, many of the facts of the Bible have been validated."