The rapidity with which the world is descending into chaos is amazing

I’m dizzy. Literally dizzy- physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Just in the last 24 hours there has been a terrible terrorist bombing in Boston, a meteor that swooped across Spain and was seen from the north to the south, a series of quakes at Oklahoma and a major quake at the Iran-Pakistan border.

I wrote about the meteor, and a few minutes after that I saw the quakes at OK, so I wrote about them too. Then I went to dress for work and when I checked the news again just 10 minutes later, the quake at Iran had occurred.

Is there any doubt by now that the signs are not coming year upon year, or month upon month, but minute upon minute?

When people say, ‘it isn’t the end because there have always been earthquakes and meteors and signs as described’ they are right AND they are wrong. There always have been these things, to be sure.

The only question that Christians who understand prophecy have, is how long these will be signs and not
Credit: Courtesy Dan Lampariello
judgments. Because the rapture is a sign-less event, not presaged by anything in particular. The birth pangs of Matthew 24 relate to the Tribulation. However, if we can see the solidity of the groundwork being laid for those signs, how much closer is the rapture?

The Christians are not under judgment, we are not appointed to wrath. (1 Thessalonians 5:9). The wrath upon unbelievers will begin in Revelation 6 as stated by those who are left on the earth after the rapture, in Rev 6:16-17. The seal judgments will have been opened, thus signaling the beginning of the wrath. The earth's population cries out and mourns because of it. (Revelation 6:15-17). The Church will be gone by then.

At some point the Church Age will end, the rapture will occur and the wrath will begin.
Bystanders in Karachi Pakistan after today's 7.8 mag quake
Until then, remember what Jesus said--

I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33).

And this--

"and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already. Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world." (1 John 4:3-4).

Notice the tense, not that you will overcome the spirits of antichrist who hate. But that you ALREADY HAVE.


  1. I tremble at the expectation of the trumpet sound to usher all true believers to heaven. One ear is always listening!


    2. Sister in Christ

      I am waiting to hear the Shout! Then we will all who believe in the one true King, Jesus, will go home. I pray that those who turn a deaf ear will WAKE UP! Before it is to late.

  2. I have excitement in my heart knowing the Lord's return is near. It's a strange thing though, how my heart rejoices while my body trembles. Every time it thunders I find myself running to the window to see if it's my Lord calling to me to "come up hither." I am 44 years old, but knew since the age of 12 I would never see death, He is coming in my lifetime. I am also quite ill yet I still believe, firmly KNOW with a CERTAINTY that I will not see death.

    1. I often find myself turning my head quickly toward a sound I hear (i.e. far away train whistle or some kind of horn in the distance..etc..)and instantly say, "Jesus???"
      I then realize that if it had been Jesus coming, more than likely I would have already been gone! :)
      But then again, lately I have been thinking - it says that at the 'last' trump we shall be changed, so....will we (those)who are alive be able to hear the first trump (the dead being raised first), and then instantly after we hear 'our' trump then we are finally with Jesus? There are those who believe that the Rapture will take place during the Jewish Feast of Trumpets (which to me, makes sense) and if this is correct, then each year when this 'season' passes, I am so disappointed that we would have to wait another year (possibly). Didn't Jesus say that we would not know the day nor the hour but that we would know the 'season'. Just food for thought! Come quickly Lord Jesus - even right now - we long to see You face to face.

    2. The trumpets are not the same. Here is a comparison of the trumpets and where they occur in the biblically revealed end time events

  3. Thank you Lord for your promises are true. I am so blessed because of your grace I know that I am saved=)))Glory be to the Lord God Almighty!!!

    1. Amen! Thank God for His Grace and that He has given us Hope,Faith and Love!!!

  4. All I can say is come Lord quickly....Maranatha!

  5. I am 42 and came to know the Lord at age 30... since age 30, I have been very interested in end times studies. There is NOTHING more fascinating (and important) in my opinion.

    1. Hi Maria,

      I agree. I was saved later, at age 42 and now I'm 52. I have studied the end time doctrines intently since the beginning of my salvation.

      In the New Testament every book except Philemon mentions the end of days and the Day of the Lord. The longest discourse Jesus gave was the Olivet Discourse of the end times signs in Mt 24. Jesus preached on hell more than heaven. The judgments and end time meant something important to Jesus so it should to us.

      As a matter of fact, based on what we are taught in the NT regarding specific end time doctrines, we have different commands! "Therefore encourage each other with these words... (1 Thess 5:11)", "Do not forsake meeting together, all the more as you see the day approaching...(Heb 10:25)" , "Knowing this, then, what kind of people should you be...holy (2 Pet 2:11)

  6. Hi Elizabeth, Just to let you know that Jan Markell has referenced this article on Rapture Ready. Keep up the good work! John.

    1. REALLY?? Wow. Praise the Lord. Let His word go out and touch many hearts! Thanks for letting me know.

  7. it's interesting you are excited and sometimes in aww because by faith we believe in this event just as God's promise to abraham for a son..we don't know when and how long yet, and always what is in my mom's and I mind is what IT SHALL BE LIKE TO BE TRANSFORMED!!! in a twinkling of an eye. what saddens me the most is how many people do not listen to us even my own family...doing my best to spread the word!! Godbless everyone!!

    1. I am also troubled by my siblings, although they shunned me long before I gave my self to Christ. I'm 59 now, born and raised in a staunch catholic family. It took a long time for me to get over the anger of being led like lost sheep to slaughter by roman doctrine. My parents died knowing only the "power" of the rosary as zealous catholics. I regret not finding Christ sooner that I may have said something to increase their chance at salvation. When Jesus calls us up, Im fairly sure their tombs will still be sealed. My siblings don't talk to me or acknowledge me, my children "tolerate" me. My so called friends, with few exceptions, still believe we are descendants of monkeys and apes. Christ through the Holy Spirit has changed my life and I often wish He would speed things up and just get us out of here. As I wait, I will continue talking about the wonders of God's love, grace and mercy and the promises of Christ Jesus. Come soon Lord Jesus!

    2. I don't know you, obviously, but I understand the pain of what you have experienced. It is a terrible thing to be without much earthly support or love in your faith. I always remind myself, and often God does too, that He has, "loved you with an everlasting love", and "will not leave you an orphan".

      My heart cries out for my own family also, that if Christ came tonight, would be separated from God for all eternity. Press in however, never stop praying...I prayed for my father for 19 years before He came to Christ. My husband, who is humble and gentle in spirit, said, "if God can reach him, He can reach anybody." We must all chose, but remember "the prayers of a righteous man (woman) availeth much."

      We long for God's return, but remember it is "in His MERCY that He taries..."

    3. To: Tomtom

      Mat 10:21 And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against [their] parents, and cause them to be put to death.
      Luk 21:16 And ye shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends; and [some] of you shall they cause to be put to death.

      We all have others we wish would see the LIGHT. That is why God provided salvation to each individual as a separate salvation. You cannot provide salvation for anyone other than yourself. (By: accepting Christ as your Personal Savior.) We all long for Christ’s return. I have studied prophecy for 20 years. I am at last seeing the culmination of Christ’s return to Earth. Prophecy is being fulfilled daily; you and I and everyone else alive today may just see some of the greatest thing to come true in bible prophecy. So:

      Luk 21:28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.


  8. I am 29 and it saddens me to see how most of society are not taking heed to Gods warnings. Its like most people even some so called christians are in a daze. I am so ready to meet my creator and to see my Lord and savior,Jesus Christ. My 13 yr old son tells me if hears any type of loud sound he gets excited, thinkin that its Jesus callin us home. Im just as anxious. Hurry soon my Lord im getting weary.

  9. I just found this blog a few days back and now it's on my RSS feed. :) TomTom I grew up in the upper Midwest where probably 90% of my friends/aquaintences were catholic. That is definitely a hard nut to crack. I had a falling out with a very dear friend over "religion" because as a Christian, I refused to attend the 33rd degree Mason initiation and party afterward at their house for her common law husband (both very sweet, but oh so blind). I was the ONLY one out of about 100 friends and family from around the country who did not attend. It was painful for all of us. Our friendship is now warming up again, but I steer clear of talking anything "religion" to her just yet. Like your family, I worry for the both of them, should Christ return very soon.

    As a former Catholic, is there any advice you can give to those of us who have friends/family who are Catholic? Was there anything in particular that you heard or read, that made you start to question the teachings of the RC church?

  10. Hi Jekku! I'm gad you found the site. I believe you're so right when you say witnessing to Catholics is a hard nut to crack.

    Here are some resources I've found helpful in the past.

    For over 30 years, Evangelist Mike Gendron was a devout Roman Catholic and a strong defender of the "one true church." He was taught from a very early age, to trust and rely on the church, its priests, the sacraments and his own good works for salvation. However in 1981 while attending an evangelical seminar, he realized the Bible is the supreme authority for knowing truth. Now he runs a Catholic apologetics site,

    Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry ( has a page "The Gospel for Catholics"

    and a general page on Catholicism here

    Got Questions has a bunch of tools about witnessing to Catholics here

    I was never Catholic. Before I was saved, I was married to a man who was. I was turned off by the rite mindlessness of it and the mumbling of penances and prayers and the hollowness and excessive trappings of the church. All that was a turnoff. I was working in the newspaper business near Boston when the priest pedophile scandal broke, and that did it for me.

    After I was saved I learned more: the pope's supposed infallibility, indulgences, purgatory, works, and praying to Mary all were not int he bible and obviously made Catholicism a false religion.

    One thing that people who are trapped in a works related religion don't voice but all feel is the despair and insecurity of their works. They never know of they are doing enough. So prick that, and show them the simplicity of Christ's work on the cross and HIS finished work and HIS grace. The beauty and perfection of the simple Gospel may help them to set aside clinging to their complicated and futile works religion...

  11. Besides what you mentioned about the pope, alms, purgatory, Mary, etc., I happened upon a "Catholic bible" at my local Half Price Books, and started glancing through it. Imagine my shock when I saw that they had REWRITTEN the 10 Commandments! :( They removed the 2nd commandment about not having any "graven images" (because obviously their entire system is based on idols and images), and split the 10th commandment into two parts to make the list "fit." I was horrified. So many people are being led astray by this...

    I have a book somewhere called "The Gospel According to Rome" that I purchased many moons ago, but I only read a couple of pages...I will have to try and find it again; I'm sure it will have some good insights on this issue.


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