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Attack of the gallinippers

This is a striking photo.

Mega mosquitoes arrive in Central Florida
Entomologists predict quarter-sized gallinippers will invade Sunshine State
"As predicted, mega mosquitoes, known as gallinippers, have arrived in Central Florida. Gallinippers, which are 20 times the size of a typical mosquito and pack a painful bite, have been spotted in Seminole County, according to officials. Entomologists at the University of Florida predicted earlier this year that the mega mosquitoes, about the size of a quarter, would invade the Sunshine State in 2013, a year after being spotted in Florida following drenching rains from Tropical Storm Debbie. ... UF entomologist Phil Kaufman said the super-sized species is "notoriously aggressive” and the best way to protect against them is to wear bug spray with DEET and cover up as best as possible."

Got to hand it to the entomologists, they were right.

As a kid in RI used to watch Creature Double Feature out of Boston on Saturday afternoons. (YES! Godzilla Vs. Megalon! Godzilla vs. Mothra! Man Eater of Hydra! What else is a geeky n-erd going to do on Saturday afternoons? Go to the mall? Don't be silly).

Who can forget the classic that started it all, "Them!" Which was actually an excellent movie.

So do the first photo and the last photo look similar? Hmmm? Run while you still can! It's Mothra vs. the Gallinippers! The winner will take on the Killer Bees from Brazil!


  1. I've seen gallinippers in various areas since the early 1980's and that's likely because I only went to the areas they live at that time. I suspect they were there a long time before I was. I saw them in Indianapolis and St. Louis and all across Illinois. Any marshy or swampy area is a prime place to find them. Well actually they will find you by the thousands. I camped out in a campground west of St. Louis for a few weeks in 1981 and they were horrendous there. I was transferred there for a while by my employer and we stayed in a swampy campground while we were looking for more permanent quarters. I had to sit inside my car with the windows up. If I cracked the window even an inch within a couple of minutes there would be hundreds of the pesky pests in my car looking for an easy meal. It would sound like a car driving around inside my car. They were that loud. Luckily I had a mosquito proof tent to sleep in. It was a nightmare I don't ever want to repeat. Their bite leaves a bump 5 times as big as a regular mosquito and it feels more like a sting than a bite. Get ready to buy lots and lots of insecticide to control them. That's how they kept them under control in Indianapolis, which is where I mainly lived back in the early 80's. It worked but of course there are always side effects with chemicals. Trust me you will not like your new guests. I'm surprised you didn't already have them to be honest.

    1. Thanks for the first-hand report. I hadn't thought of them being louder, but of course they would be. And the bit more like a sting, that makes total sense. Ouch. They do look ferocious and anything that big has to hurt.

      I noticed that the report said they are more aggressive. And just last week I looked into the fact that the killer bees are encroaching into central Florida as well, another aggressive insect.

      Won't it be nice to enjoy God's creation in heaven where there are no insects out to bite you! We can leave our windows open all the time...

    2. ..."the "gallinipper", a name given to Indiana's largest bloodsucking mosquito P. ciliata. Female gallinippers are noted for their painful bites, very large size, and prominent "shaggy" legs," says an Indiana Extension website, and another one I looked at says that they are on the increase in Michigan, too. I hope they stay away from Georgia!

  2. All I can say, Elizabeth, is eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    And Maranatha!



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