Jesus is the only way to heaven, Joel Osteen.


The only way to heaven is through Jesus. Your sincerity is not enough. Your works is not enough. Your intellectual bible knowledge is not enough. They will never be enough. ONLY Jesus is the way.


  1. Very very good. Yes, we do need more who are unafraid to declare the truth even if it means steepping on toes, and making people mad at them...It is God they are angry with.
    I laughed, but it is really not a laughing matter is it?
    A chance to tell the world on National TV about the message of Jesus was wasted on Osteen...not the new agey, different jesus that the world eagerly accepts, but the Son of God...the only way truth and life who died for our sins....Many do not know Him.
    If Osteen knew Him, then he would have said so. Sad...not funny.
    Praying for him and for Larry King...Hope they find the Truth before suffering the consequences.

    1. I laughed too. Then I cried. It is the worst tragedy ever, a man ashamed of the Gospel and squandering his opportunity to share it with millions- especially King who is Jewish.

      The pastor Steve Lawson referred to who'd go on Larry king and proclaim Jesus as the only way, of course, was John MacArthur. I HOPE King heeds the message MacArthur gave, and not Osteen's

    2. It is doubtful King would bother to listen to a MacArthur broadcast...but then again...God will do a miracle when it comes to the drawing of His people (jews) in the last days! Now, there is something to have hope in....Let the message of the only Way , only Truth, and eternal the snake that swallows the serpent and his poison message that spills from the mouths of cowards and fools like Osteen.

    3. I agree, it is doubtful! I'm sorry, I meant when John MacArthur appeared on King and was asked by Larry if Jesus was the only way to heaven, and John answered him biblically and truthfully. In this way, Larry King has heard the Gospel. The seed has been planted -and I pray it did not fall on rocky ground but good ground...time will tell.


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