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One reason the SCOTUS gay marriage vote may help the true church

On the subject of the gay marriage decision by the Supreme court: I believe it is very bad for America politically and culturally. Homosexuality is a devastating sin for the individual, and this will only spur more of them on to become hardened of heart and captured in their sin and that makes me just so very sad.

That said, however, I think it is good for the true church. It will make the true church stand out more.

"You are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. 15Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it gives light to all that are in the house." (Matthew 5:14-15)

Also, the weak, false church will cave to culture and will be therefore identified by those of us in the true church. This also is good. The tares of the church crowd in so much that the sheep eventually leave and all that is left are the goats. This was the problem at Sardis. Sardis was one of the seven churches of Revelation which Jesus told John to write to. Sardis had no commendation, Jesus said 'you are dead.' (Revelation 3:1)

MacArthur calls Sardis "the first church of the tares." They had many works, and were busy-busy, but their heart was far from God. They were coasting on the fumes of past fervor, and living on the gossamer reputation they once had. But Jesus saw through it and called them a dead church.

So many churches today are like this. They re-interpret the scriptures, engage in social work, and donate loads of money- but they do not know the true Jesus. They try and awaken their dead hearts with loud and throbbing music, by listening to pastors who scream, swear, and act like a stand-up comedian, and applaud entertainments that assault the senses. These are the churches who will come out for "love" and accept homosexuality. Then we will know which pastors, which Christians, and which churches are Christian in name only.

Standing firm against the cultural push for accepting homosexuality as normal will make us even more distinct from the world!

"Come out from among them and be ye separate and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you." (2 Corinthians 6:17).

And to the pagans, our light will shine even brighter as Peter said in 1 Peter 2:9-

"But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:" KJV

which is the best of all.

Will you stand against the culture, and with Jesus?


  1. How appropriate is the picture at the bottom of the post? So true, Elizabeth. I was shocked and saddened even though I knew it was coming, so I had to come to terms with my disbelief because Jesus warned us of these days in which we now live.

    There is so much lip service to "love" others as ourselves, but the Bible says true love lays down our lives, it doesn't think of itself, which the "love" of today does only, love of self, self, self, it's all about me. Sigh.

    I think there are truly saved Christians who are confused right now into believing the lies that are being peddled by the charlatans. They think "oh what's the harm? they were born that way" ...we were all born into sin, and we received the grace and mercy of God through His gift of repentance. There is no other way but through the cross of Christ, through forgiveness for sin, and we need to acknowledge it as sin, not "alternative lifestyle".

    Good thoughts

  2. Good points Elizabeth! I agree!

  3. Elizabeth, can you expand your "true church" statement and then explain what you feel the true church should do in relation to all sin not just homosexuality? Other than confess, repent, and change.
    Becuase if you say that one sign of a true church would be to prohibit homosexuals from attending the church or refuse to perform same sex marriages then how would you deal with those who commit other sins that are joined in marriage or attend church (building)that are outwardly sinning? Is it ok to perform a marriage for a couple who has had pre-martial sex? For the sake of not being mis-understood, I believe no follower of Christ should condone sin but I'm just curious about your thoughts on what action the true church should take? Proclaiming truth in Love?.........does truth penetrate those that are oblivious to their sins?

    1. I am not talking about all sin in this essay but about homosexuality. If you want to know how God feels about all sins and what to do regarding them, then that's what the entire bible explains. It would be too comprehensive to go into here, and besides, God said it first. Just read what He said about it. :) That is always safer!

      You put words in my mouth when you say "Because if you say that one sign of a true church would be to prohibit homosexuals from attending the church" I did NOT say that. I am so sorry if that is how it came across. I apologize to you.

      Here is a good Q&A about answering the key questions about homosexuality- I think it will answer your curiosity and be very beneficial and helpful to you.

      I'm just curious about your thoughts on homosexuality. Here is my question to you: is homosexuality a sin? What are your thoughts on the SCOTUS decision and the culture of accepting homosexuality?

  4. I pray that God would strengthen His church especially the leaders when the secular world decides to launch an all-out attack against Christians. Be strong, everyone, we are almost at the end of our pilgrimage.

  5. Hey Elizabeth, forgive me, my intent was not too put words in your mouth with my posed question I was simply pontificating a possible response you may have about how the true church would treat individuals that choose this particular sin. I think caution is in order if for example we try to "grade" sins as some being worse than others......I understand this is the one you picked because of the ruling. Sin is sin as far as I know according to the bible, however because of some people's personal prejuidice they will focus on one sin as exceptionally terrible while they overlook others. I think the ruling gets us one day closer to our Savior returning and doing away with the pollution(and I'm talking about my own sins before I think about others) The difference is I realize I'm a sinner in need of a Savior others don't seem to grasp that. Perfect example was the two guests on Fox news that spoke about the ruling, one was a Democratic strategist, the other Head Pastor of a Dallas Baptist Church......the end statement of the pastor was reciting what the word says about homosexual behavior, the other gentleman was incensed and proclaimed "you don't have a lock on God" "my god says it's ok" (to be gay) yes he does because your god is satan and all True Church Christians do have a lock on God because of His Word which is true.

    1. Anonymous thanks for the clarification.

      All sins are not the same- in their effect on a person, on a church and on a culture. Homosexuality is worse. It is the 'tolerant' thing for Christians to say today, if some of them 'dare' say that it is a sin in the first place, all too many Christians follow that up with a dampening of the declaration by saying "of course it is just one sin among many.."

      But it is not.

      It is the only sin that IS its own judgment.

      It the a sin that causes the wrath of abandonment after a progression and God gives them over to it.

      It is the only sin that devastates a culture so deeply. (Romans 1)

      Here is Mike Goeke in the Baptist Press, in January 2012, long before this ruling: he opens like this

      FIRST-PERSON: Why homosexuality IS different
      Many churches have taken to heart the level nature of sin and clearly acknowledge that sin is sin, be it gossip, envy, l-ust, gluttony or homosexual behavior. The level nature of sin, however, makes many reticent to discuss or address the issues surrounding homosexuality in more detail or with any special emphasis. "We don't want to highlight any one sin," they reason."

      The truth is that homosexuality IS different. It is not different as a "sin." God sees the sin of homosexual expression as He sees all sin. It is different, however, in that no other sin (or, better said, an identity based primarily on sinful behavior) has impacted, or is likely to impact, culture in the dramatic way that homosexuality has done and will do."

      "Homosexuality is the only sinful behavior that has a cultural identity and movement surrounding it. What other sin is encouraged to be celebrated? What other sin has a "pride" movement attached to it?"

      And he continues.

      I agree with you that no sin should be overlooked. Dr MacArthur was telling the story of his first year at Grace Community Church in 1969-1970, very early on. He said there was a wealthy and influential family in the church. They wanted their child to be married in the church and Dr Mac. to perform the ceremony. However Dr. MacArthur discovered the man-woman heterosexual couple had been living together and were unrepentant. They were guilty of the sin of fornication. He declined to do the ceremony. There was a kerfuffle with the deacons trying to come up with a compromise, to have it in the church but another pastor do the ceremony. Dr MacArthur asked one question: "Whose church is it?" The deacons immediately understood, it is Jesus's church and He set the standards. The ceremony was not performed at all there. The entire large family left the church, but the Lord blessed it by growing it with other people who were more focused on being holy for God than overlooking this sin for that one.

      As for homosexuality, it is true that it is one sin among many. And none are good. However, just because it is one sin among many, it still means we reject the sin and do not conform to the culture in accepting it.

      You said, 'all True Church Christians do have a lock on God because of His Word which is true' and I say amen to that!

  6. Oh I also think Hebrews 10 v 26 to the end of the chapter is applicable

    1. I agree, it is wonderful Jesus atoned for our sins!

  7. Thank you for the encouragement Elizabeth. It is true, this will divide clearly those who truly seek to follow Christ and those who would confuse and blur the truth.

  8. It seems that this issue may be the one that starts the intense persecution of those born from above. Since our Bible states that homosexuality is a sin, it could be considered hate speech and we can be prosecuted just for having a Bible because of what it contains. I do believe, either in Canada or here, that there is legislation right now being considered that would make it a law. I read about that quite a while ago, and didn't save it. It said that at the least there would be a $5000.00 fine and at the worst, imprisonment.
    Anyway......just a thought.

    1. Pam, well said. I agree. We are so much in the minority now that all kinds of persecution could easily start: cultural, corporate, legal...I read that a lot of pastors simply decline not perform marriage ceremonies so that they will not be sued for refusing to perform a gay one.

      In Romans 1 it says at the end that God gives them over to a depraved mind. When a culture is so deeply involved with homosexuality it stands to reason that collectively the nation isn't thinking straight. I think that link can clearly be sees in the Congress: it is like a toy that has a critical piece missing and is turning in circles spouting gibberish. Same with businesses, same with the President, same with law enforcement (all those terrible stories of harassment & excessive force)...this is what a culture looks like that isn't thinking straight. And CANNOT think straight- ever again.

  9. You know I had friends that were dear to me and yes, gay. They live the gay lifestyle, are in long term relationships but I knew them before I got saved.

    It was really tough reconciling what the bible says about homosexuality with these friends of mine and what I saw in their relationships and lives. I'll just be 100% honest. The devil KNEW what he was doing when portraying the LGBT lifestyle as being normal and loving and the time was right for it to work.

    I had to really step back and realize that if I have trusted God with my soul, my eternity, my everything, that I must take Him at His word when He says homosexuality and sexual deviancy from what He originally planned is a sin and DESTRUCTIVE. I think in the face of the massively successful PR homosexuality has going right now in the media and in people's personal lives, it's hard for some Christians to stand up for The Word of God. At this point, it's almost like you are being inhumane for not allowing or wanting people to just be in love and be happy as two consenting adults. It's what's blowing the world over with support for the homosexual lifestyle.

    Anyway, just want to give a perspective on what some Christians (or me anyway) are dealing with and why some might be deceived. I just wanted to be honest about it.

    At the end of the day, if a Christian is not allowing The Holy Spirit to renew their mind and are paying more attention to what the world is spewing, the person will definitely start to fall inline with the world's attitude regarding this issue. I realized this is what was happening with me....I feel this is just a small taste of how terrible things will be with the Antichrist and God giving people over to believing him.

    I also wanted to add that I'm noticing that transgender people are now next on the list to be normalized.


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