Movie "Sharknado": Enough Said!

Last night the SyFy Channel (should be ScFi) presented the long awaited, eagerly anticipated, major motion picture "Sharknado".

The fin-fest swept the ratings, (if not the reviews), went down in history as all the best time B-movie camp, perhaps even knocking out the long revered Attack of the 50 Foot Woman and Plan 9 From Outer Space from their lofty pinnacles. It excited a feeding frenzy on Twitter.

Dread Central reviewed the movie in all due B-movie reverence: "The only thing I’m certain of is that The Asylum, Syfy, and all other b-filmmakers might as well retire the shark genre after this because I don’t know where you can go from here or how you can possibly top it."

CNN weighed in this morning, demonstrating its journalistically lightning quick reflexes in picking up the pulse of the people:

Oh no, it's "Sharknado" and it's ravaging Twitter
"The title says it all. It's the story of a menacing storm that spews hungry man eaters on Southern California. It's perfect fodder for the Twitterverse, where hashtag #Sharknado was a top trending topic early Friday. Judging from the crack, one-line reviews, the online commentary may be better than the movie itself."

That's true- I love reading the online commentary to my favorite shows such as MasterChef or Food Network Star, where the witty commentary from fellow Twitter birds is often much more entertaining than the show itself, or at least, adds zip to the proceedings. It is our very own 21st century MST2K.

Watching all things Sharknado climb the trend list, I saw that soon enough, #Sharknado was hovering at number two. How long would it take to bump #MyGodIs from the top spot?

I captured a few of the Sharknado comments I thought were funniest:

If Criterion doesn't purchase the rights to #Sharknado, I just don't understand the arts anymore. Will Antonin

If the first floor of the house is flooded with sharks, I'm pretty sure the car won't start. Just sayin'. #SharkNado Derek Hunter

This movie is better than Obamacare. #Sharknado Dana Loesch

Pretty sure a life insurance claim reading "He was eaten by a shark in my living room" won't pay out without a serious challenge. #SharkNado Derek Hunter

Sweet relief for John Heard in #SharkNado - early death, check cleared. Derek Hunter

#Sharknado is the "Citizen Kane" of sharks in a tornado movies. Ben Shapiro

Disaster Relief Services in California are pitiful. I think that's what #Sharknado is really teaching us. Classic Frat Bros

So, the shark is climbing a rope? #Sharknado Anthony Cumia

The effects in #sharknado were done using iMovie, then importing into one of those iPhone apps that let you add splashes & gunfire. Danny Sullivan

The made for TV film #SharkNado is trending in case you’re wondering why the terrorists don't like us. SCO 

And then two of my favorite weather guys joined the snark-fest, Shawn Reynolds of Weather Center Live tweeted,

I really wish there were a SharkCon. Shawn Reynolds

And Jim Cantore of Weather Channel said,

All I wanna know is why wasn't I asked to be the forecaster for #SHARKNADO ?!!!! Jim Cantore

Everyone loves camp and everyone loves people with a good sense of humor.

Cinema Crazed.wordpress concluded their review of Sharknado thus:

I look forward to “Squidnami” and “Piranhavolcano.”

I made an assumption that the movie would be a blood-filled gross-fest and so, I didn't watch it. I thought a long time about the premise for the movie and the fact that people had to pitch this, get funding for this, and find actors willing to play in this. For a while the twitter trend list showed John Heard on it, likely because he is a credible actor and many people wondered why he would play a part in this worst-of-the-worst movies. He has to pay bills too, I guess.

People seem to have a ghoulish fascination with tragedy, blood-N-gore entertainment, (Roman Colosseum anyone?) and of course the apocalypse. Movies on that topic are coming out faster than sharks from a tornado.

I had a ghoulish fascination with the ghoulish fascination. Is this what we do with our time now? Either watch terrible movies or snark about them? Or both at the same time...?

Sharknado is so last night. Now trending this morning on Twitter, movie "Pacific Rim", "As a war between humankind and monstrous sea creatures wages on, a former pilot and a trainee are paired up to drive a seemingly obsolete special weapon in a desperate effort to save the world from the apocalypse."

And the beat goes on.