Friday, July 12, 2013

Paris under red alert, train derailment. What's up with all the train derailments?

July 12: Paris France
French Official: 7 Dead In Paris Train Derailment

July 12 Seattle, Washington, USA
Train derails in Oregon; leak called not hazardous

July 6: Lac-Megantic, Quebec, Canada
Canada train disaster: Blast missing 'probably dead'

Oil train derails and explodes in Quebec, leveling part of town

May 28, Baltimore MD
A rollback truck and train collided in Rosedale on May 28, causing a derailment and thunderous explosion felt miles away.

May 17: Connecticut USA
The derailment and crash of a Metro-North commuter train injured 76 people.

The question was asked on June 19 by CBS New York:
Why So Many Derailments In The Tri-State Area Lately? Expert Weighs In
"“A lot of the railcars are old. A lot of the track system is old. A lot of the communication to the signals are older than we would like,” Paaswell said. “The cure to that is more money.”"

Old. Worn out. The earth is dying, you know.

These tragedies are going to happen more frequently as the infrastructure ages and money is short. We have seen bridge collapses, bus accidents, train accidents and recently, a plane accident.

The point is:

1. Expect more tragedies in increasing number and frequency.
2. Please pray for First Responders. They truly are on the front lines, and with incessant budget cuts, towns and cities are strapped. More people are doing more with less. These people who respond are real people, viewing increasingly large and incomprehensible tragedies. The explosion in Quebec was horrific. It leveled a lot of the town, 2000 people had to be evacuated, the fires burned for days. I can't imagine the trauma to a person who has to see these things, pry charred wood up from homes in looking for bones and bodies.

These are real men and women who serve an increasingly dying world. It's hard. They need prayer.


  1. "the earth is dying"

    Yep. I have been reading "Tragedy and Hope" by Carroll Quigley. He outlines the stages of every civilization as it goes from it's core civilization outward; continues to grow until it reaches it's climax and then it goes into decline and decays from within (physically and also morally) until eventually it gets invaded and destroyed by another civilization that is in it's growth phase. We are in that decline where we have passed our "golden age" and will be either invaded by another civilization, or perhaps this is the final stage of the planet before the antichrist is revealed (which I personally believe will be soon).

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the book. I personally think that the civilization that we know as America is dying (maybe dead already) and that though the earth has been dying since the Fall and the curse, that this is the final stage also. In other words, it may well be the last death before the Millennium life (the curse is reversed)

    2. The full book is over 1000 pages and is hard to find. It was quickly pulled from the shelves after people discovered it provided too much info on the secret behind the scenes of what goes on in government. It was condensed and removed the first 300 pages and remarketed to about 400 page book. There are pdf's of original online but they have many typographical errors. I am reading one of those, and just made due with the typos. He is a "humanist" not a Christian. Bill Clinton mentioned Carroll Quigley to be his mentor.


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